I Agree, it IS Time

Original image found here, via Piperlime’s Twitter page

This mantra is courtesy of Piperlime.  And I have to say, I couldn’t agree more.

My favorite part?  The part about RESPECT.  I don’t believe women should dress well to impress other women, or to snag men.  I believe women should dress well because they DESERVE it.  Your body is an amazing thing – it is what lets you learn, lets you love, lets you LIVE.  You should respect it by caring for it inside and out.  Treat it well, and dress it well.

Thank you Piperlime, for this reminder.

  • This is awesome!

    I would add:
    It’s time to stop wearing Uggs in the summer and Crocs in the winter. Actually, it’s time to stop wearing those altogether.


  • Faith, I like those additions!! 🙂

  • Can I also add that deodorant is a necessity, and not an option? Especially in Florida…please!
    (I don’t like the flip flop one, but I wish people would get pedicures before they throw them on.)

  • Jen

    Maybe for me respecting myself means wearing sneakers to work because they are comfortable and support my feet, and I feel good in them, as opposed to “nice” shoes that are almost always uncomfortable, difficult to walk in, aren’t supportive, and mess up my ankle. If I’m dressing for myself and not for other people, can’t I wear what feels good on me, not suffer through wearing what other people have decided looks good?

  • There are happy mediums, the world isn’t all stilettos and sneakers. I highly recommend checking out <a href=’http://www.marylandsquare.com/home.jsp”>Maryland Square</a> and <a href=”http://www.footsmart.com/”>FootSmart</a> for shoes that are often times better for your feet than sneakers and also show off your personal style.

  • I totally agree.
    Would like to add…

  • lol. awesome mantra 🙂

  • I completely agree. I just switched office buildings. My coworkers went from suits to jeans. I am still coming to work dressed professionally. I don’t understand why people dress like slobs. You feel so much better about yourself if you take care of your appearance.

  • OMG….if I see one more girl in PJ pants & uggs at the mall in the middle of the day I am gonna scream! Walmart at 2 am I can take (maybe even understand if you are buying diapers and/or cold meds) but never in broad daylight!