January 10, 2011

My Wardrobe Today - Monday

gray sweater denim pencil skirt tan boots tolani scarf
alison gary gray sweater denim pencil skirt
charm bracelet
Gray merino sweater - Banana Republic (was my husband's but it accidentally got washed - used to be an XLT!)
Denim pencil skirt - Ann Taylor (no longer available)
Gray tights - Spanx Tight End Tights
Boots - DUO "Bern"
Scarf - Tolani
Charm bracelet - eBay
Gray leather purse - Hobo International "Bartola"

I feel very collegiate in this outfit.  I wanted to wear something cozy.  I wasn't really in the mood to go back to work today - this weekend was pretty exhausting with Emerson's birthday and party, and I am feeling a bit... not quite sick, just not quite right.  So my hair was not done, I just pretty much brushed it and went.

So check out my new bracelet - I got it on eBay.  It's sort of weird, I think the seller just collected random items and fused them onto a bracelet.  However it was cheap, it's jingly and fun, and unique!


  1. What a fun bracelet! I think you look lovely and cozy in this outfit. Perfect for a Monday morning.

  2. You look very collegiate! I like how the scarf brings out the color of your boots. The jacket you wore the day after Christmas was incredibly slimming on you. I really like it.

    I'm going to a party this weekend and may make the endive appetizers. Thanks for the recipes!

  3. Very cute outfit! I have a question though.. what color are those boots? I went on the duo website and they have a caramel leather and a antiqued tan color, but I can't figure out what yours are. Also, how versatile are brown boots? I always feel there is such limitation as to what you can wear? Thanks!!!

  4. How friggin' fantastic is that charm bracelet? I love it!

  5. Hey, I own that bracelet in silver! Or at least, the "under" part of it before all the stuff was added on. I actually like yours with the dangly bits. Hmmm, I may need to do something similar to mine.

    Oh, and love the casual vibe of this outfit.

  6. Thanks! This seller has other bracelets too - search Charm bracelets, I think I made out on mine b/c I bid on another in silver up to $28 and got outbid.

  7. How funny! When I saw what the seller did, I realized how darn easy it would be to do with some glue, jump rings and backs from a place like Michael's and I guess a pair of jewelers' pliers. Do it! :)

  8. I just looked back at my original confirmation from 2007 and it says I got "caramel brown."

    I love these boots because they are so versatile - not a chocolate brown so they go with black, gray, brown, navy... they are so comfy too! Have been tempted many times to get in black or darker brown!

  9. I think this is a great look on you. The elements just all work really well for me, and I love the bracelet.

  10. Thanks Kathy! And let me know how the appetizers do - I wish I had jumped on them at my house so I could have enjoyed more! :)

  11. Thanks Grace - yes, this bracelet is very fun!

  12. I like this look on you and THE BRACELET OMG!!!! It's just fabulous.


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