May 18, 2012

Friday - Purple with Pops of Color

Dress - Vince Camuto
Belt - Old Navy (similar)
Heels - Jessica Simpson (similar)
Bag - HOBO "Dove"
Bracelets - JewelMint, Nordstrom (these and these), Lauren by Ralph Lauren
Sunglasses - Marc Marc Jacobs

I swore I wouldn't wear a "mullet skirt" and then I saw this dress and changed my mind. The skirt on this dress isn't as extreme and I think it works with the gathered shoulders. And for those interested in this dress, it has side panels so your bra is completely covered at all times, even if you raise them above your head. Quite a rarity with Grecian-inspired dresses!  And how awesome is it that this old belt matches perfectly?  This dress doesn't come with a belt and has an elasticized waist - it wouldn't look bad on a smaller busted person sans belt, and also looks nice with a skinny belt. 

We don't have any plans this weekend and I couldn't be happier.  I plan to do some spring cleaning and spend time with my husband and faux UGG wearing kitty cat daughter!

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  1. darling! love the hemline = so flattering. Wow, the belt matches perfectly. I would have assumed you got them together.  the best accessory is a kitty cat daughter. I have one too! :) 

  2. allie, i love that dress so much i said "ohhhhh!" aloud to the computer when i saw it. it looks perfect to wear to an upcoming wedding but i don't really want to spend that much. maybe i can have a bake sale?

  3. I think a fashion bake sale is a great idea! :) I had 2 $20 Nordstrom Notes I used on it to make the price a bit easier to swallow. BUt know it is a bit of that "slub" fabric - not see-through, but the knit has texture, though it is silky. There is a serged seam down the center, but it doesn't really make it more casual. However, you can see that the knit is horizontal on the bodice and angled on the skirt, which gives it a nice flow. Vince Camuto yet again did it with fabulous quality for a better price than other brands!

  4. Southernliberal5/18/12, 3:41 PM

    Fabulous color on you, great shape!  Love those shoes in that color, also.  I see that the "similar" teal pumps on the link are on sale for $44!  Those are suede.  Would you wear suede this time of year?  I will totally take your word for it if you say okay.  :)

  5. The ones I am wearing are suede - I wouldn't wear my brown suede booties or black suede lace-up booties this time of year, but think a color or a light neutral is acceptable for spring. And yep, $44 - I try to find worthy equivalents that are reasonably priced. When I saw those I thought if I didn't already own these I would buy those in a heartbeat! :)

  6. Fantastic color and style for you!  Apparently you're not going out to dinner after work, but wouldn't your outfit be appropriate if you were?


  7. Completely - I hesitated even wearing it today since I don't have any after-work plans :)

  8. LOVE this on you. The drapey hemline that isn't super obvious like most hi-lo skirts I've seen and the color on you is fantastic.

  9. Beautiful outfit. I love the posts with the junior fashionista.

  10. Patti_NotDeadYetStyle5/18/12, 7:21 PM

    Gorgeous colors together, Allie. Like WendyB says, "never is the next new thing!", and there you are looking fab in a mullet dress  : >

  11. Eleanorjane5/20/12, 3:52 PM

    You look like a goddess! Great colour on you, lovely flattering style (love the belt). Great work!

  12. You look gorgeous in this dress! I'm a big fan of mullet hems, despite the unfortunate name of them :) And I love that you chose teal shoes to pair with it.


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