The True Fashionista Series Thus Far

The True Fashionista series has been one of the most fun projects I have ever done on Wardrobe Oxygen. It has been a thrill to share the women who inspire me on a daily basis, and it has been so great to hear how many of you have found new favorite blogs because of it.  I encourage you to check out the 33 stylish women I featured on the blog; click their image to view their individual profile and their answers to my True Fashionista questions.

As always, I learn so much from all of you. If you know of a woman who has inspiring personal style, let me know! You never know, she may be featured on the blog!

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  • Faith

    I loved this series! Thanks for introducing me to so many great new-to-me bloggers!

  • Loved this series and getting to know new bloggers who aren’t cookie-cutter!

  • Patti_NotDeadYetStyle

    Wonderful series, I’ve added so many creative bloggers to my must-read list.

  • I love this series, Allie! I’ve really enjoyed seeing all of the diverse bloggers out there.

  • Thank you so much, Alison, for giving me the opportunity to be part of this great series!

    Lady of Style

  • Cathi Payne

    Another blog I treasure is Although Amber is not someone who posts daily, every post is such a treasure, and she has a style that I long to wear, even though I know it doesn’t suit me or my lifestyle. In saying that though, I have managed to add little pieces of her style to my look – I try to use my brooches more, I’ve finally tried some obi style belts (and find they suit me better than standard belts), and being in Southern hemisphere I’m much more relaxed about layering different patterns and fabrics now the colder weather is on the way.

  • Wow, thanks Cathi! And Alison, what a tremendous series!