August 24, 2013

Emerson Funnies

Me: I didn’t go to work today.
Em: Why?
Me: I had a bad headache and need a nap (damn migraines)
Em: I’m going back to work, work, work. I’m going back to work… nah I don’t think so! (themesong)

K: Emerson, go back up in your room, put your pajamas in your hamper and turn off your light.
Em: Daddy, why you gotta be so fricken?
K: What does fricken mean?
Em: Something not nice because Mommy says it when she hurts her toe.

Em: Mommy can you play Cinderella with me? I’ll be Cinderella, you be Drizella
Me: The evil stepsister?
Em: I don’t think she’s evil, her mommy just doesn’t understand her.

Em: Are you going to take a picture for your blog?
Me: Yep, do you want to be in any of the pictures?
Em: No thank you, we'll clash.

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