My Favorite Over 40 Fashion Blogs

After my post about MORE Magazine I started thinking about the inspiration I find on the Internet. While I don’t think blogs are a worthy replacement to a quality magazine, I find my regular style inspiration comes from my peers.

Inspiration doesn’t have to come from someone your same age, but as we age our tastes do change and it’s wonderful to see fellow women on the other side of 40 find their personal style and share it with the world. Blogs make it so you can see how a woman thousands of miles away was creative with the same jacket or a similar dress you have in your own closet, and can empower you to be a bit more creative and personal with what you choose to wear every day.

While I follow the blogs of several chic women over 40, I kept this post just to those who live in the United States and have blogs that primarily focus on their personal style and what they wear. I see quite a growth in over 40 blogs in the UK and Australia but the US has yet to catch up. There’s some truly terrific style here in the States and I wanted to showcase it in hopes it may inspires some fellow Americans to embrace their own style, follow and promote these bloggers, and show that our country doesn’t believe style has an expiration date!

Best Fashion Blogs over 40 - The Rich LIfe on a BudgetAdrienne at The Rich Life on a Budget

Best Over 40 Fashion Blogs - Mrs American MadeAna at Mrs. American Made

Best Fashion Blogs over 40 - Style at a Certain AgeBeth at Style at a Certain Age

Best Over 40 Fashion Blogs - My Small WardrobeCarelia at My Small Wardrobe

Best Over 40 Fashion Blogs - Style NudgeCherie at Style Nudge

Best Fashion Blogs Over 40 - Senior Style BibleDorrie at Senior Style Bible

Best Over 40 Fashion Bloggers - Erica Bunker DIY StyleErica at Erica Bunker DIY Style

Best Over 40 Fashion Blogs - Grown and Curvy WomanGeorgette at Grown and Curvy Woman

Best Over 40 Fashion Blogs - More Than TurquoiseJamie at More than Turquoise

Best Over 40 Fashion Blogs - Mama in HeelsJanise at Mama in Heels

Best Over 40 Fashion Blogs - Elegantly Dressed and StylishJess at Elegantly Dressed and Stylish

est Over 40 Fashion Blogs - Style CroneJudith at Style Crone

Best Over 40 Fashion Blogs - J'adore CoutureKim at J’Adore Couture

Best Over 40 Fashion Blogs - The Silver StylistLisa at The Silver Stylist

Best Over 40 Fashion Blogs - Accidental IconLyn at Accidental Icon

Best Over 40 Fashion Blogs - Chic Over 50Shauna at Chic Over 50

Best Blogs over 40 - Fifty Not FrumpySusan at Fifty, Not Frumpy

Best Blogs over 40 - Une FemmeSusan at Une femme d’un certain age