Chub Rub: How to Fight it and Heal it This Summer

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Wardrobe Oxygen: How to prevent and heal chub rub and the best products for the jobGirl, I see your Google searches and I feel your pain… literally. The dreaded chub rub. Thighs rubbing together is bad enough, but add sweat and you can end up with a rash, welts, zits, and more. I’ve tried a ton of products on the market and more fail rather than win. Let’s not focus on the negative, here’s the products I have used and have proven summer after summer to succeed in preventing chub rub.

The Best Products to Battle Chub Rub

Jockey Skimmies

I reviewed Jockey Skimmies in 2014 after I saw a kazillion bloggers write raving reviews that were sponsored by the brand. I had to see for myself, and see if I’d rave even without being paid. After using them, I was also raving. Last summer, Jockey sponsored me to try out Skimmies again and again I raved, but this time with a free pair. I now own four pairs of Jockey Skimmies. I find the Original to be the best; they can be a bit long if you’re petite or wearing a shorter skirt, but I find more success hiking up the Original size than the shorter ones, which roll up on me. These are not control garments, they may look like a pair of Spanx but they don't suck, smooth, or restrict.  Don’t put these in the dryer, and wash them on gentle with as much care as a frilly pair of panties and they’ll last you for several seasons. As an FYI, I have them in both medium and large and both fit, especially after a few washings. The large looks more seamless under clothing (can’t see the band on the legs or waist). I think these run big, if between sizes go down.


I haven’t tried Undersummers myself, but many have raved that these are as great as Jockey Skimmies, but come in larger sizes. Lauren, a reader of Wardrobe Oxygen shared her review of them with me (thank you Lauren, you rock!)

“I tried the Undersummers. I love them! The sizing of the two pairs I ordered didn't end up being quite right–a little large in the waist since I sized up for my hips. Since I needed them immediately for travel, I solve it by tucking in a cami or folding the waist over (if I wear them with a skirt). I'm going to order another couple pairs for summer and try going down a size, which I think will solve this and hopefully still be ok for my hips. They're super comfortable and smooth. The only complaint I have is that because of the seam-in-front design (which means no seams on inner thighs for chafing!), the seam shoes a little in some clingier/jersey dresses. It's not too much of an issue for me, but I could see that maybe it would be for someone who wore things where that seam would show more on the front of your thighs. Overall, I recommend them.”

Thigh Society

After writing this post, Thigh Society reached out to me and offered to send me two pairs of their anti-chafing panty shorts – the mid rise in beige and the high rise in black.  I have to say they give Jockey Skimmers a run for their money!  Unlike Skimmies, Thigh Society runs from size 6 to 24.  Thigh Society's shorts aren't so synthetic feeling which I prefer.  They remind me of high quality athletic leggings.  The waist and leg hems don't ride or dig, leaving a seamless line under clothing.  These are made to replace underwear and do a great job of wicking moisture so you feel cool and comfortable.  As a 5'3″ woman I find the high rise option to be a bit too high rise and long in the leg for anything other than loose or empire-waist maxi or midi dresses.  The mid rise option is my JAM and have been the most-worn chub rub fighting item in my lingerie drawer this summer!

Bike Shorts

In 2007, my friend Tiffany told me about these amazing bike shorts she found at Kmart.  They weren't skin tight, they didn't have rubber bands on the bottom of the legs to keep them in place, and they were cheap as anything.  They were long enough to cover the right parts of my thighs but not so long that they peeked out under short cheap sundresses from Target and Old Navy.  I bought two pairs.  Last year I finally retired one pair that literally fell apart.  I still have one pair and wear them on weekends with sundresses, but they are in a condition that shouldn't be seen by the public.  I have yet to find a replacement pair, though I have snagged Karl's Ellen boxers (yes, he's an Ellen fan, I bought him a pair as a joke and he swears they are the best underwear in the world, better than Under Armor and now has a few pairs) and they are the closest in fit that I have found in all these years.  Shop according to the size guide, not the normal size you or a guy in your life usually buys.


My friend Erin turned me on to these, and I love wearing them under dresses to work on when I need to look more polished and I don't have to worry as much about sweat dripping down my legs.  They're a divided slip, so there's nothing clinging to your legs, and they make you feel all ladylike and fancy.  Considering how hard it is to find even a slip at a department store, don't expect to head to the Bon Ton or Dillard's and find pettipants.  I get mine off eBay, where you can find all sorts of sizes, lengths, and styles.


I’m annoyed that Bodyglide has a ‘Her’ formula that they admit is exactly the same product except it has some moisturizers in it and it’s in a pink package. I’m also annoyed that for this bit of hydration and a pink package the product is more expensive (different sized package but per ounce it’s more expensive than the blue). I really wish I could promote an alternative that is gender neutral but I’ve tried alternatives and they’re just not as good. I buy the blue, I’m not going to pay extra for Barbie packaging, but you have the right to buy what you wish. The best thing is the three-packs of the tiny tubs of Bodyglide; I keep one in my purse and one in my beach bag all summer long for those days I wear a dress to the office and then unexpectedly go to outdoors happy hour, or when I’m at the beach and throw on a coverup to walk to lunch.

Other Products to Fight Chub Rub

You name it, I’ve likely tried it and if it’s not on this list it’s because it didn’t work for ME. However, many of you swear by these items:

Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel

I gave this product a good opportunity – Bonnaroo. It didn’t last the walk from my tent to the gates of Centeroo. But over and over Wardrobe Oxygen readers recommend this product in comments, email it to me, Tweet it to me, and in general swear by it. For me, notsomuch. However, it’s a cheap dupe for Smashbox primer, so while it may not keep chub rub at bay, it can help keep your makeup in place this summer!


Bandelettes don’t cover enough real estate for me, and I chub rubbed through the lace. However, many of you over the years have emailed me your praises for this product enough that it deserves a mention.  I know there's non-lace versions and larger versions, but I'm a Skimmies convert and don't have the need to try them again.

How to Heal Chub Rub

So your shorts took a hike up your legs while you hiked that forest trail.  Maybe you forgot your Skimmies at home on your weekend getaway.  Possibly one of the above-recommended products just didn't work for you.  How to heal your chub rub?

  • Clean the area.  Once you get home, wash with a gentle soap.  The skin may be raw, so this isn't the time for scented body washes and scrubby bath poofs.  I find a washcloth and some Dr. Bronner's (NOT the peppermint!) gets the job done.  Pat dry.
  • Protect the area.  Got a kid still in diapers?  Have some leftover diaper cream from that point in life?  This is a good use for it.  If not, head to the drugstore and grab some.  It's made to heal angry skin without irritation, and I found it works better than any “adult” product on the market.  Some use the same Monistat anti-chafing product above for this, but I find a tube of Desitin or tub of Boudreaux's Butt Paste heals faster.
  • Keep it dry and separated.  This is a perfect excuse to slip on those funky-printed rayon wide-leg pants.  A non-fuzzy fabric (no sweatpants or fleece) that is loose and goes to your knees or lower is perfect while your skin heals.  Even if you're one to sleep commando or in a pair of briefs, I recommend having some fabric between your thighs until you're back 100%.

Is there a chub rub solution you swear by that isn’t mentioned in this post? Share it in the comments and help your fellow woman stay chafe-free this summer!