Ask Allie: Fashion Advice from Alison Gary

Ask Allie: Ankle Pants for Curvy Cusp Sized Women

I love the Kady pant from ELOQUII, but I’m losing weight. The things I like about the Kady pant include the perfect ankle length, the variety of colors that keep being introduced, the versatility of the pant (work appropriate and casual appropriate too), and the cut that makes room for a curvy gal’s figure. Do you have any recommendations for a [cusp-sized] vendor that can come close to the attributes of the Kady?

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Chub Rub: How to Fight it and Heal it This Summer

Wardrobe Oxygen: How to prevent and heal chub rub and the best products for the jobGirl, I see your Google searches and I feel your pain… literally. The dreaded chub rub. Thighs rubbing together is bad enough, but add sweat and you can end up with a rash, welts, zits, and more. I’ve tried a ton of products on the market and more fail rather than win. Let’s not focus on the negative, here’s the products I have used and have proven summer after summer to succeed in preventing chub rub.

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Ask Allie: All About Bras

Dear Allie, I hope this doesn’t sound creepy but your bust looks great. What bra do you wear?

My absolute favorite everyday bra is the Fantasie Underwire Smoothing T-Shirt bra. There’s a molded cup version, and a stretchy seamless cup version. I prefer the molded cup; it gives more support and prevents ‘headlights’. I always have two nude and two black in my drawer; I replace them every 6-12 months when they stretch out.

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Ask Allie: Staying Organized

I noticed you have a paper calendar as well as a smartphone in your tote bag. How do you organize your to- dos (both work and home) and your appointments using both? I go back and forth between paper and digital and can’t seem to find a good fit, I’d love to know how someone else does it. Thanks! (Oh, and I am a big list maker!)

Once Emerson was on the scene,

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