How to Stay Warm and Stylish This Winter

Tips on how to stay warm and stylish this winter. Ways to be warm and adhere to your work dress code. Tips and recommended products by Wardrobe OxygenWe’re starting to feel frigid temps in DC. The Saturday morning before I wrote this, we woke to a winter wonderland of ice-covered trees, glistening frozen grass, and equally icy roads and walks. Many of you have already experienced snow and sub-zero temps. How does one stay warm without sacrificing style? Below my suggestions for what to wear under your outerwear to stay warm but also stay stylish or work-appropriate this winter (see this post from last year for outwear tips for winter).

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Ask Allie: Personal Style with a Health Condition

I have multiple health conditions which make dressing nicely difficult. The two hardest are that 1. I can’t wear pants (or tights!) of any type and 2. I can only wear a few “comfort” shoes. Mainly Algeria Palomas. I can get by with some cute Merrell flats or Uggs for a very short time, if I’m not going to be on my feet much. That’s literally it for footwear. I am also a true plus size –

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Ask Allie: How to Dress for a Wedding Without a Dress Code

I have a wedding to go, and ever since the wedding where I dressed fancier than the bride (I wore a simple velvet sheath!) I have a horror of wearing the wrong thing. The wedding is at 4, with cocktails, dinner, and reception to follow, all at the same venue, an “event center.” Essentially a ballroom. I did email the bride and she just said “We don’t really have a dress code. Not black tie but not sweats and a t-shirt.

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Ask Allie: All About Me

I have received a lot of emails and comments lately asking about me instead of fashion – figured I’d cover a bunch of them in one single post. Enjoy!

Just wondering -are you still doing Weight Watchers? I miss the updates.

Yes, I am still doing Weight Watchers… sort of. Life has gotten really hectic lately so I am lucky to attend one meeting a month and find myself not sticking to the plan 7 days a week.

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