Morning-Saving Tips… AKA How to Get to Work on Time

We’ve all been there… we look at the clock and realize we are 10 minutes late and still have sopping wet hair and our bathrobe on. As a blogger who posts her outfit daily for all to see, has a dog, a decent commute for work and a ton or responsibilities that pile up each day, I have worked hard to streamline my morning routine so I can get to work on time and still be polished and prepared.

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Product Review – Sephora the Smokey Eye Kit

I believe in purchasing quality instead of quantity when it comes to beauty products as well as clothing. Almost a decade ago, I received a major promotion that would require me to travel for my job teaching people about my company’s line of clothing, how to pair it with other pieces and how to merchandise it in the store. This required me to be very polished and I thought a makeover was in order. I visited the Trish McEvoy counter and left with a whole new palette of colors,

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How to Look Polished AND Casual

One reader recently asked, “I’m confused on what casual dressing will look like this fall with this more polished look going on. It’s hard to look polished being casual and not be too 80’s preppy. Can you help?”

I understand your plight; the magazines seem to be showing nothing but lady-like pieces with very structured and elegant details. How does one look current yet feel comfortable for a more casual atmosphere? We are not all women with lifestyles that offer situations (or the desire for situations) where tweed jackets,

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Product Reviews that No One Admits to Using

We are women, we are delicate flowers who always look perfect, smell perfect. We never go to the bathroom, we never sweat, we never menstruate. Right?

WRONG. No one wants to admit that they are human, especially when they are fledgling or full-scale fashionistas. However, to appear to the outside world that we are delicate flowers, we need certain tools in our life to accomplish that feat. It’s hard to find reviews without deep internet searching,

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