Beating the Heat and Still Looking Chic

It’s hard to look your best when the elements are battling against you. Summer is here, whether or not the calendar admits it. Tomorrow in the Nation’s Capital it is supposed to be more than 90 degrees out, and the humidity just adds to the hot mess.

Hot or cold, arid or humid, we can look our best. Here’s a few tidbits to beat the heat and still be calm, cool and collected:

Change your hair,

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The Three-year Old Blush

Often we hate to spend when it comes to our looks. We are told even in beauty magazines that there are “steal” items that are equivalents to “splurge” pieces. Have you ever looked closely at those “Splurge vs. Steal” pages? More often than not, the cheaper item LOOKS cheaper.

This is not to say that you must pay top dollar to get quality. The point is that there is no reason to buy a cheap version of an expensive item;

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The Hair Trap

Lately I have been hating my hair. I have been coloring it for a long time, but only now does it look fried and brassy and damaged. I wonder why, I baby it with expensive shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair. I try to hold back on the heating elements to style it, and I haven’t been in chlorine or sun lately. I walk the aisles at CVS, Target and Sephora looking for the next miracle product that will take my straw and make it silk.

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Purple and green batik-print cotton top, wrap style from Gap. Lowrise bootcut jeans from Gap. Gold chain from Express, knotted and gold bangles from Claire’s. Beaded thong sandals from Seychelles.

Okay, don’t get grossed out but hair is third-day dirty. The bod is clean, the hair is barely brushed. I am heading to the beach after lunch today and probably will head straight into the ocean. Why bother with doing my hair?

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