Merry Christmas!

Festive cat wishes you a very merry Christmas and hopes you have a wonderful holiday season! Thank you all for such a fun and inspiring year here at Wardrobe Oxygen. You teach me, inspire me, push me to do better, and I look forward to your emails, comments, social media interaction as you are why I blog and you are what makes Wardrobe Oxygen what it is today. Hope your day is full of warmth and love.

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Friday Favorite: A Drink With James

friday-favorite-a-drink-with-jamesI’ve been blogging for over 11 years. That’s a long time for many things; it’s incredibly long for blogging. I didn’t start out blogging to become rich or famous. I started a new job and was asked to “look busy” for a few weeks until the project I was assigned to ramped up. I had seen a segment on the news about blogging and it seemed like the perfect fit.

I didn’t know you could make money from blogging until I read a thread on The Knot’s message boards about a blogger who made $1,000 in a month from pageviews.

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Blogging Behind the Scenes: How do Sponsored Posts Work?

Blogging Behind the Scenes: All About Sponsored Posts by Wardrobe Oxygen

Hi Allie, I appreciate your transparency with blogging. I have a question about this [blog post]. You say it’s sponsored. What does that mean? Does it mean you got the dress for free or does it mean that you got paid to write it. Did they tell you what to write and did you get to pick what you wore. I like the dress I want to know if you do too or are just being paid to say you do.

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Blogging Behind the Scenes: Why Blogs Have Assistants and Interns

Wardrobe Oxygen - blogging behind the scenes why blogs have interns and assistantsOh gosh, why does a fashion blog need an intern? All the blogger does is stand around and look cute in gifted clothes while her boyfriend takes her picture. It’s not like blogging is hard, it’s just to try to look important, right?


In 2016, blogging is a true business and is far more complex and time consuming than you can imagine. Even part-time bloggers are bringing in full-time salaries and it’s not just for taking pictures of their daily outfits.

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