Texting without Cell Service with FireChat

How to text without cell service in a crowdReader L. emailed me this week about an app that can prove helpful when in remote locations, during emergencies, and at very crowded places like the Women’s March and other protests. I’ve been playing with it this weekend and think it’s a valuable tool and it’s called FireChat.

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Let’s Go High

My friend Jessica sent me an email yesterday with this GIF in it. Jessica is a special person in general, but extra special to me because she’s a friend I made through this blog. Her investigative skills many years ago made her realize her office and my office at the time had to be within blocks of one another and she invited me to lunch. Figuring it was a public place so if she was a psycho I could make an escape,

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What to Wear to a Protest March

Thousands are expected to come to Washington DC on January 21st to march on the first day of incoming President Donald Trump’s administration. As someone who lives in the area and attended rallies and inaugurations at this time of year I can tell you it’s going to be cold, you’re going to be on your feet for a long while, and basic necessities like bathrooms and bottled water are few and far between. What’s a woman to wear when sending a message to the government that women’s rights are human rights?

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Be Visible, Brilliant Women of the World!

Hey there brilliant professional women, I’ve got a bone to pick with you.

In these days of webinars, online courses, and e-books, it’s more important than ever to have visuals to support your message. Not only should a presentation, blog, or site have great graphics, but there needs to be a face to go with those brilliant, innovative thoughts. And this, my fellow women, is where I am quite frustrated and disappointed with you.

At my day job,

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