Weekend Getaway to Asheville, North Carolina

Weekend Getaway to Asheville, North Carolina - Wardrobe OxygenOn our summer road trip, we had no definite plans between Memphis and home. As we sat in our hotel room in Amarillo plotting our return trip, Karl mentioned he had always wanted to visit Asheville. It wasn’t feasible on our road trip as we had to be home by a certain date. But I knew now what to do for his birthday at the end of September!

I reached out to the Asheville Convention &

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Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina: 2016 Recap

hopscotch-music-festival-2016-recap-wardrobe-oxygenI haven’t been to a proper music festival in some years. Neither has my friend Nicole and she was itching to go to one. She did some research and the Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina seemed like a perfect choice. We’re not spring chickens any more, and have no desire to camp in the blazing heat and go without electricity and running water (hello Bonnaroo) and would like somewhere reasonably close so we don’t have to fly or take off more days of work.

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Rehoboth Beach Girls’ Getaway Weekend Recap

rehoboth-beach-girls-getaway-weekend-recapFor over a decade, my mom, sister, and I have been getting together for a long weekend to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Once Emerson came on the scene, she joined us on this girls’ getaway. This is often the only time we see the Atlantic Ocean all summer; I’ve always loved the beach and look forward to this trip all year long.

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#WO2Crosscountry: Historic Jamestowne and Williamsburg, Virginia

family road trip jamestowne williamsburg virginia

This is the last post from our cross-country road trip.  To read the previous posts, click this link!

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