The End of More Magazine – What Went Wrong?

The end of MORE Magazine where they went wrong - Wardrobe OxygenLast week, MORE Magazine shuttered after almost two decades. Claiming the 2008 recession and advertising challenges in the luxury marketplace, Meredith Corp. ended this publication, laying off around 30 individuals. Over the years, More has changed its demographic to appeal to women in their 30s as well as those over 40, and also made a switch to target a more affluent female audience.

I’ve been a subscriber to MORE Magazine off and on for a decade.

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Coming to a TV Near You: GRANDFATHERED on FOX [Sponsored]

GRANDFATHERED on FOX starring John Stamos and Josh Peck, a review by Wardrobe Oxygen
One of the fun things I did at the BlogHer conference was attend a preview screening of the FOX sitcom, GRANDFATHERED. This series will premier Tuesday, September 29th at 8/7c, but a few of us attendees got to hang out in a conference room and watch it early on the big screen. John Stamos plays Jimmy Martino, a successful restaurateur and ultimate bachelor. The show starts with Jimmy plucking a gray hair and admiring his reflection in the mirror.

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An XFINITY Internet Family [Sponsored]

As I write this, I am in our home office off our bedroom, working on the blog. Downstairs, my husband finished editing photos for a recent photography gig and is using his laptop to email the client the link to the files. In her room, Emerson is watching an episode of Peppa Pig on YouTube via our tablet. Yesterday it rained; after a morning and early afternoon of Girl Scouts, dance class and errands,

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The Girl on the Train, Blogging, and the Whole Story

the girl on the train paula hawkins

I heard about The Girl on the Train on NPR; I caught the last bit of an interview with the author Paula Hawkins and was interested. I had finished the second book in the Outlander series and was looking for a change of pace before I delved into the third. I listened to The Girl on the Train via Audible on my commute to and from work and ended up not just with a change of pace from Dragonfly in Amber,

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