I Hate Theme Days

So today is a theme day. The department has always had Hawaiian Shirt Fridays. I have never participated – I do not own anything that even resembles a Hawaiian shirt, nor do most women in America. Paying homage to the casual Friday, I wear jeans.

With the start of the hockey and football seasons, the team decided to change Hawaiian Shirt Day to Jersey Day. Again, I do not own this in my wardrobe.

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Leaving on a Jet Plane….

Important for travel:
1. Comfort. I will be on a plane for a very long time. I want things that stretch, don’t itch, bind or look bad when I rise from sitting for 50,000 hours.
2. Appearance. I think those who wear lacrosse shorts and their husband’s tee to the airport are terrible. As you see, confort is number one with me, but it is possible to look tasteful and elegant while being comfortable.

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The Past Sixteen Hours…

So I got home and took a quick nap.


Then I went for sushi and possibly a bar with my husband and our good friend.

Same jeans from the day, white wifebeater and a black cotton knit shrug. Silver cuff, large silver hoops and a black leather multiple-strand cord holding up a silver hammered cirlcular pendant. Reapplied gloss and didn’t mess with the makeup and hair.

We decided we wer tired and poor and bummy.

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Interviews on Casual Friday

So today I am conducting three interviews – for an intern for me, a Jr. Coordinator for me, and a Programmer for my department.

It’s casual Friday, and I don’t feel like dressing up. I do want to look a bit polished for the interviews.

Hair is straightened, sideswept bangs. Did a very subtle smoky eye with a pale dusty mauve on the lids and a darker plum color around the lash line.

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