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As I write this, I am in our home office off our bedroom, working on the blog. Downstairs, my husband finished editing photos for a recent photography gig and is using his laptop to email the client the link to the files. In her room, Emerson is watching an episode of Peppa Pig on YouTube via our tablet. Yesterday it rained; after a morning and early afternoon of Girl Scouts, dance class and errands, the three of us snuggled into my husband and my bed and grabbed the tablet to watch a family movie together. I promise we spend plenty of quality time together without electronics, but we can’t help but admit that the Internet has become a part of daily life.


I really don’t think that’s a bad thing. When I was pregnant I swore my baby wouldn’t even see a television screen until she was four. I’d limit TV to just a couple hours a week, and keep her far away from smartphones, tablets, and computers. But now that baby is 6, in school, and assigned computer-based homework and provided URLS to educational sites to visit. She can wield a smartphone or tablet better than her father, and we’ve found that WiFi can bring us together as a family from time to time.

When Karl and I moved in together in 2001, we felt we didn’t need television. We had one, but we just watched DVDs on it. Then 9/11 happened; Karl didn’t even know about it right away because he was at home disconnected from the Internet and television. I tried calling him from work but everyone else had the same idea and the lines were jammed. Once I got home that day we decided we needed a way to connect to the news and signed up for XFINITY® TV and Internet and have been a customer ever since. Now it’s 2015 and being connected to the world is far more than a 24-hour news channel on TV. Not only that, Karl and I rely on the Internet for our jobs, and we find that XFINITY's in-home WiFi to be fast and reliable for all rooms of our house, all devices in our household.

I’ve been hesitant to write about products on Wardrobe Oxygen that aren’t fashion or beauty related. When XFINITY® reached out to write about their Internet, I almost said no but then thought… I am reading this email from them on my smartphone, thanks to XFINITY® Internet. Wardrobe Oxygen is written at home on XFINITY® Internet. This blog wouldn’t be if it weren’t for the speed and reliability of XFINITY® Internet.

And yes, I’ll admit it, I’m a parent who lets my child use devices. She has a locked-down YouTube account where she can watch kid-friendly videos in the kitchen with me while I’m cooking dinner; I prefer this to her being a zombie in front of the large TV in a completely different part of the house. She’ll pause it to ask a question, happily put it down for us to have a conversation versus when she’s in front of the bigger screen. We’ve downloaded a few games and apps that have helped her learn to spell, tell time, make art and music (I’m a fan of the apps by Toca Boca, they have inspired her to be creative and innovative; she’ll often drop the tablet to go make something or draw something). As a family, it’s fun to get in our pajamas in the middle of the afternoon and watch a movie on XFINITY On Demand on a tablet in our bed (come on, how decadent is it to eat popcorn in Mommy and Daddy’s bed!). I think if you’re smart about Internet usage, it can be a tool for a family to connect.

Visit to learn more about XFINITY® Internet!


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  • HokieKate March 25, 2015

    I don’t mind this post. You said you’ve been a customer for since 2001 and were using the “product” at the moment you heard from the company. I know bloggers make money from ads, and that’s the tradeoff of reading content for free. I like the clear [SPONSORED] label in the title here and in other posts so that you are transparent with sponsored content.

    Also, I wish Comcast serviced my town. We get their ads on TV but they don’t come to my county. 🙁

  • guest March 24, 2015

    Wow, this is completely sellout. This has nothing to do with fashion and it’s clear you only did it for the money.

    • Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen March 24, 2015

      Yep, I did do it for the money, but I also chose to partner with XFINITY because as I mentioned in the post, this blog wouldn’t exist without XFINITY. I did my taxes and had over 12K in expenses in 2014 to keep this blog running. I don’t think readers understand the cost of blogging, especially when the audience grows and you need to have secure and reliable technology to handle the traffic and the amount of content. While affiliate links and sidebar ads offer some revenue, the only way Wardrobe Oxygen continues to exist with the time I have available is via sponsored posts. I space them out, always provide quality content between them, and choose to partner with companies that make sense. XFINITY is not fashion related, but it is technology related and we all obviously use technology considering this conversation is taking place with it.

      • Jenny March 24, 2015

        You do a great job of letting your readers know when a post is sponsored. I am very happy that companies pay you to promote their products/services. I greatly appreciate the advice that comes free to me from your blog, and I think it’s great that you are being compensated for your time and talent. You make all the money you can – just keep telling me how to dress:).

        • HokieKate March 25, 2015


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