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Giving Back this Holiday Season: The Health Wagon


The Health WagonThis isn’t the first time I’ve featured The Health Wagon on Wardrobe Oxygen. Ever since I saw this organization featured on 60 Minutes I’ve been a supporter. A percentage of what I earn from Wardrobe Oxygen is donated to The Health Wagon on a monthly basis.

The Health Wagon’s mission is to provide compassionate, quality health care to the medically underserved people in the Mountains of Appalachia. 98% of their patients are uninsured and 70% have an annual income of less than $20,000 even though many work multiple jobs. This means they make too much money to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to afford private insurance. Those who do have insurance may have copays or deductibles so high they still can’t afford to visit a doctor. The Health Wagon serves individuals and families with free primary and preventive care, dental, behavioral health, telehealth, and specialty care.

Since 1980, this nonprofit organization has been providing mobile health services to the medically underserved. Every dollar donated to The Health Wagon is approximately $100 reaped in health care benefits. In 2013, the Health Wagon assisted more than 11,000 patients obtain access to care valued at over $1 million. Through partnership with many pharmaceutical companies, the Virginia Health Care Foundation and Mountain Empire Older Citizens Agency, the Health Wagon’s Pharmacy Connect Program also provided $1.2 million in pharmacy assistance to patients in 2013.

From your donation, only 10% goes to administrative and fundraising activities, all other funding goes toward program expenses. The Health Wagon is very transparent with how their money is spent and the organization is run. Their site is chock full of information and those who donate receive a newsletter with updates on The Health Wagon.

If you’re in the area, The Health Wagon seeks volunteers. While they need medical professional volunteers such as physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, RNs, and LPNs they also can use the support of other individuals to help with administrative tasks to keep the Health Wagon running smoothly.

The Health WagonTo learn more about The Health Wagon, visit their website. To donate, text “Wagon” to 41444, or click here to donate by credit card or PayPal.

Each Sunday through the holidays I’m sharing an organization that is close to my heart and could use your support. ‘Tis the season for giving and a time for sharing, it’s a time to care for those who need your help, and a time to make a positive difference. If you have an organization you feel should be featured don’t hesitate to contact me!


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