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And Comfort sent me these culottes earlier this week. When I saw them I thought, “Oh heck no.” I'm short and solid, the idea of full-legged cropped pants sounded like a fashion don't. Then I put them on and fell in love. They are fully lined, have a wide flat waistband in front and wide elastic in the back, and deep pockets. Earlier this day I wore them with a back and ivory striped short-sleeved tee, knotted at the waist. Sadly (and typical for me) I spilled coffee on the shirt. I had another place to go and little time so I grabbed this top from my closet, already knowing that these pants look best with something that shows I go in at the waist. Wow, it created a completely different effect!

top | pants | shoes | sunglasses | earrings

Top: ELOQUII (old; similar concept; straight size option) | Pants: The Pleated Culottes c/o And Comfort (Size 0) | Earrings: Etsy | Shoes: Lissom | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Lipstick: L'Oreal in Matte-Traction Red

It's amazing how a change of top can take these culottes from errand-running to something I would wear for a night out.  I've featured And Comfort before and am glad to see their collection of minimalistic pieces sizes 10-28 is growing.

Shop the Look:

Bostwick House in Bladensburg, Maryland undergoing restoration learning about the restoration efforts on Bostwick House in Bladensburg, Maryland

The other place I had to go that day was Bostwick House, the oldest surviving structure in Bladensburg, Maryland. I was offered a behind-the-scenes small tour to see its current state, learn about its history, and the plans to restore it. Karl came along because he's a history and architecture nerd (to be honest we both nerded out over this cool experience) and brought his camera so we were able to get an outfit shoot in afterwards. The outfit photos were taken behind the mansion near the barn. Against the aged exterior of this property, it felt a bit witchy.  Why needs the Witches of Eastwick when you can be the Witch of Bostwick?

The chimney of Bostwick House in Bladensburg, Maryland

Built in 1746 by Christopher Lowndes, he named the building after his family’s Bostwich estate in England. Lowndes was a merchant and the location was perfect for trade being so close to the Bladensburg Waterfront; at the time the house was built Lowndes could see the Anacostia River from his front door. Bostwick House was later the home of Lowndes’ son-in-law, Benjamin Stoddert, first Secretary of the Navy. During the War of 1812, the British came down the hill behind Bostwick, parted around the house and continued to the Anacostia River (they think they didn't burn it down because at that time it was rented by a British officer). Bostwick was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975; after derechos, earthquakes, and hurricanes in the past decade the house is quite damaged;  in 2012 it was named one of Maryland's most endangered historic sites.

restoration of bostwick house bladensburg restoration of Bostwick House in Bladensburg, Maryland by HistoriCorps

This mansion has been through many owners, has experienced many makeovers, but has stood through and is now owned by the city of Bladensburg; the Maryland Historical Trust holds a protective easement on the property. Restoration of this historic home is being done by the University of Maryland School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation as well as HistoriCorps (which is a super cool program, Karl and I are tempted to volunteer a week for it someday).

Deer on the Bostwick House property in Bladensburg, Maryland

HistoriCorps will be onsite through November restoring the front porch, however there is still a lot to bring this building back to its original glory. This is a beautiful home, and while part of its history is quite awful, it deserves to be restored and enjoyed by the community. This would be such a beautiful place for a wedding or other event, the house is on ten acres of land that is home to a lot of wildlife like this little one we saw on our visit. To learn more about Bostwick House, visit this site regularly updated by the University of Maryland.



  • Cynthia October 4, 2018

    just looked at the culottes online and honestly, I wouldn’t have given them a second look if you hadn’t styled them completely differently. Love your look!

  • Patricia October 4, 2018

    I just bought the pants based on your recommendation. They almost look like a midi skirt. I think I will love them.

  • Carol October 4, 2018

    Super cute outfit! I would like to exactly replicate it. And what a great peek into an historic home. Love your post today!

  • Karen October 4, 2018

    Wow, I thought it was a dress at first. I know they’re culottes but they read like a longer skirt. They are flattering on you and I can tell you that my first reaction would be the same as yours.

    • Alison Gary October 11, 2018

      Thanks Karen! Yeah, I’m finding with innovations in style, fabrics, and sizing all the old style rules are being thrown out the window!

  • alyson October 4, 2018

    Absolutely love the wider pants. I also am newer to the trend but am seriously loving them! Being only 5’3 had me convinced they’d look foolish but showing off the waist is key. I found a pair at Target and they’re my favorites!!


  • Susan B. October 4, 2018

    Great look, Alison! When I first saw this I assumed it was a dress. Those pieces go together splendidly!

  • Mimi October 4, 2018

    Interesting post and beautiful shots. I love that you intersect this blog with local interests.

  • Carrie October 4, 2018

    Loving the Stevie Nicks sleeve vibe! You’ve hooked me on Universal Standard…time to dip my toe in at And Comfort.

    • Alison Gary October 11, 2018

      Love Stevie! And yes, I’ve been impressed with them thus far!

  • Heather October 4, 2018

    Love love love this outfit. As a neopagan witch, it really sings to my aesthetic, even though I don’t regularly dress this way.

    I did think this was a single piece from the pictures alone! Wow!

  • Patricia October 4, 2018

    I’m looking forward to more posts wearing these pants. In the photos shown, they read like an ankle length skirt. I think the current look would benefit from your strappy fuschia sandals … but the event really required flats. I’d love to see this with a crisp white shirt as well; “Sharon Stone at the Oscars”?.

    I like these pants on you. And love old houses; especially ones getting a facelift. What a fabulous day.

  • Tiggy October 4, 2018

    I LOVE looking around old houses and castles and finding out about their history – fortunately we have no shortage of them in the UK!

    Love the outfit – I’ve been contemplating culottes for a while (Boden have some nice ones), but I too have short legs and doubted they’d suit, but I’ve been inspired to give them a go!


    • Alison Gary October 11, 2018

      I think it’s all about what you style them with. A slimmer top and a shoe with a low vamp and/or a heel helps!

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