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I’m a sucker for celebrity endorsements and magazine awards, “Best of Beauty” lists and what famous people tuck into their handbags. When I visit or I check out the products that are listed as favorites or rated by some beauty expert.

megan mcintyre refinery29

When I saw Megan McIntyre, Senior Beauty Editor of Refinery29 rave about Neil George Detangle Nourishment Spray I decided to try it. McIntyre looked to have hair texture similar to me, and I too deal with dry ends. When I started reading online reviews for the product I was even more excited to try it – users said that it give gentle separation and definition of layers, smoothes out bedhead, makes hair super soft, kills frizz, and smells delicious without weighing down fine hair.

I have been using the Neil George Detangle Nourishment Spray for two weeks now and I am a fan. After showering, I can spray it liberally to my damp hair and either let my hair air-dry for soft waves and curls with less Kip-Winger frizz. If I dry my hair, the product makes the hair super soft, smooth, but not stick straight. If my hair gets damp from rain or humidity after being dried straight, the spray makes the hair turn into soft waves and curls, not weird puffy craziness. I will spray the product on the ends of dry hair to hide dry ends and give a bit of definition to waves and layers. The product does smell nice once dry – a mix of coconut and other nut oils. However, when wet there is a spiciness to the spray that irritates my nose and the back of my throat. That being said, the minor irritation of the product when sprayed is worth all the other results.

$24.00 for 6.3 ounces may seem like highway robbery, but I have been using it daily for two weeks and have hardly made a dent in the bottle. I could see needing to replace this bottle in September or so after a summer of reapplying after days in the sun and using it to manage and protect my hair when on the beach and at the pool.

If you have hair like mine – not curly, not always wavy, a bit fine and easily weighed down, you may also like Neil George Detangle Nourishment Spray. And if you buy from like I did or from SkinStore from my links, be sure to first go to Ebates where you can get anywhere from 6-12% cash back on your order!

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