Client Lunch

So we are meeting with a new client/partner and I am asked to attend the lunch as that I will be going with the team to visit this client in Monterey, California next week. How darn excited am I about this? can you believe I have never been to California? Italy – yes. Norway – yes. France – yes. Bermuda – yes. California – no. Sadly no. Feared I wouldn't get the chance and then an earthquake would make it part of Hawaii – another place I have not visited.

Anyway, one of my coworkers told me this client rep is a dirty old man. Well respected with White house clearance and all that jazz, but a perv. Get a few martinis in him and he may be prone to resting his palm on my knee.

Eh, nothing I haven't experienced before in my previous jobs (and no, none were in the entertainment business). I had to plan my wardrobe carefully.

You see, I have a lot of curves. I have a very ample bosom, and an ample booty. A simple sweater and trousers one one woman looks a bit sexy on me. Can't help it, God gave me a lot. Today i want to look attractive, professional and a bit demure without losing my sense of style and personality.

Hair was sucessful with the non-wash but shower today. I even had my boss ask if I got a haircut, he liked it. Soft, body, curled under, sideswept bangs. Very nice.

Makeup is a bit different. I feel that the bronzer and the darker powder need to be packed away until Spring. I switched back to the lighter powder, and a dusting of Nars Orgasm on my cheeks for color. On the eyes, I did a brown shadow in the crease and with a slant brush, but the dark brown shadow along the lash lines. Gives that soft, girly doe-eyed look.

And the clothes. I have a fine-gauge cotton scoop neck sweater from caslon that I adore. I actually wasn't going to buy it but my friend Sandy told me I had to. It was $23.90 at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale and it made my face heart-shaped. Well gee, anything to make it not look donut shaped. I bought it and wear the thing to death! The scoop isn't deep, no cleavage showing unless you're looking from above (and that sort of cleavage is practically seen in a turtleneck!).

With the lovely sweater, I am wearing a pair of ivory wide leg trousers from Ann Taylor. They are part of a suit I love. The pants have a herringbone pattern, a wide leg, flat front. very flattering and not too tight on the arse.

Shoes are black leather pointy toed pumps with a 2″ heel. nothing too wild, nothing too extreme, yet I don't look like a grandma.

They just called me to go, I put on a tinted lip balm and am ready to be hit on by a dirty old man! Will let you know how it goes!

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