Dinner Club

Have I mentioned this phenomenon before? I cannot recall…

Well about two years ago for Valentine's Day, my husband and I went to dinner with two other couples. We went to an Irish restaurant with attached pub that we had never visited before. The food was good, the atmosphere fun, the staff friendly. We decided to make a pact to meet once a month and try out restaurants together that we have never ventured to before.

Sounds like a great idea, huh? Six adventurous types, checking out the dining establishments in the area.

Somehow Dinner Club became Stouffers Lazagne at one of our Houses While the Kiddies Crawl Around Night. We went to maybe one or two restaurants after that first night, but then one couple was renovating their house and we would go over and spackle drywall and munch on delivery pizza and it went downhill from there.

One of the couples we have known for eons and the husband was in our wedding. The other couple we met through this long-time friend couple. They are really nice and really interesting and the husband is so funny. The wife is really sweet but.. weird. She only speaks French to her children, the husband only knows Bonjour. She breast feeds mid-Scrabble game with 15 people at the table. She always is in some stage of undress, be it a tiny tank in the winter, a skirt that hikes up or slips down, something exposing a large portion of navel, thigh or bosom. She says all Europeans are like this. She likes to loudly correct me when I mispronounce a French word. It was not fun when we went to La Bergerie.


So tonight was Dinner Club at the Old Friends house. Steamed broccoli, Stouffer's lazagne, Texas Toast and apple pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert. I brought the bottle of Cabernet I picked up in Monterey. Only my husband and I drank it. The Old Friends had a friend drop off her daughter for the night, and the French couple brought their youngest since he is still breast feeding. I entertained the six year old, we played the DVD version of Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture and I fell asleep.

I wore the same jeans and boots I wore to Theme Day, but jsut switched to an old black merino v-neck from Ann Taylor. Blew dry the bangs so that they were straight again, applied some powder and lip gloss. There was no need to get spiffy. The other women were in tee shirts from a museum exhibit, skinny tanks with breasts everywhere and seasons old jeans. It was a night of comfort.

I may talk trash about Dinner Club, but I do enjoy the evening. The group of people is diverse and caring and interesting. There is never a lack of conversation, and we do have common interests in film, theater, books and travel. The meal wasn't really unique or diet friendly, but it was comfort food on an icky rainy day. After drinking 75% of the bottle of wine myself, I was feeling no pain and having a lovely time.

My husband is a hero – he suggested a cheap but clean and fun sushi bar near our home for next month's installment of Dinner Club. Yay!

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