Dinner in the City

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I get home, battered and bruised: on the exterior and my ego. That fall was the office entertainment all day. A coworker who works onsite with a government client int he city called me to ask how my walking skills were. Thanks a lot.

The Husband napped all day and is ready to go out. I was driving home thinking about the two baked potatoes, two steaks and great fresh veggies I had in the fridge, waiting to be cooked and assembled for a nice quiet dinner. Even stopped at the store to pick up a nice bottle of red wine. The Husband wanted someone else to cook, and he wanted a social night. This is rare for him (he's a home body) so I took two Advil and a 30 minute power nap to recuperate.

We decided to go with a couple we are good friends with. The wife was a college sorority sister of mine. The husband does marathons and adventure races with my S.O. (significant other). They live a few blocks down the street in the same quirky Historic town we do. We offer to drive, they offer the suggestion of a little Ethopian restaurant they have frequented.

My hair was curly that day, and after the nap it had a wild look, almost like the makings of dreadlocks. I didn't have the time to repair the damage, so I pull it back with a Liberty scarf my sister got for me in London. It has a hibiscus colored border, and the print int he center is a combination of black, white, gray, hibiscus and pale salmon dots. I folded it to the width of an alice band and tied it under my hair to be a head band. I then fluffed the hair so it looked wild and artsy around the scarf.

Makeup was the same as the day, but with a touch up of mascara, powder and gloss.

Large silver hoops. Large silver cuff. Same jeans thatr I wore all day. Black leather thongs with a 3″ heel from Target.

Then my favorite top which I can no longer find ont he Nordstrom website. It's a lightweight black sweater in a nubby texture. Boatneck that falls off one shoulder. The sleeves are dolman and wide at the bottom, come to points. Almost like a poncho that is gathered at the waist, but a bit more structured. Fitted waistband. Gosh I wish this top was still on the site so you could have a picture. It's so much fun. I got it in kiwi as well, but that color with my big breasts was not a great look. I actually passed it to the friend we went to dinner with. She admitted she almost wore her version that night but changed her mind last minute. Good thing!

The restaurant was quaint, the food was amazing (lamb tripe is yum!), the beer was a perfect compliment, and I had a food coma and a beer buzz by the end of the meal. We trotted over to Cold Stone for dessert. I had a Like It size (small) of Sinless (sugar free, fat free sweet cream) with bananas, pineapples and a bit of coconut. We ate it out on a bench on the street, people watching and chatting.

By the time we got some, it was close to midnight, I was sore, buzzed, fattered and very sleepy. The Husband and I had a cup of tea and both fell asleep trying to watch a show on TV. He woke before me and dragged me to bed. Ah, the life of a suburban adult. In bed by midnight.

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