Friday Weight Watchers Update

I have been on Weight Watchers now for eight weeks. I have missed two meetings and weigh-ins, maybe five days I haven’t tracked my food, but every day I have thought about it and been committed to it. I haven’t gone hardcore because I have done Weight Watchers… I think this is my fourth time at it. But this is the second longest time I have been with it because I haven’t been hardcore. Baby steps, tiny life changes, tiny adjustments for the long haul.

And because of it, I have now removed almost 5% of my original weight. I seriously think I will achieve that goal by next week’s weigh-in. Yesterday I weighed in and found out I lost three pounds. Three pounds!

Yes, I got my period so I lost all that PMS bloat. But I also moved my body every day, I drank my water, I ate my breakfast, I tracked every single day all the food I ate, and was honest with portion sizes. I wasn’t perfect, but I didn’t use any activity points and didn’t eat all my extra bonus points. I never felt deprived, I never felt frustrated or annoyed.

This week in the meeting, a fellow WW-er said that she indulged in a bucket of French fries that week and actually got sick from it, when before she could have wolfed it down without a second thought. I realized the same has happened to me. Last night after Weight Watchers, my mom came over. My husband was busy and didn’t get dinner cooked and suggested getting Chinese. I don’t think I have had Chinese takeout since starting Weight Watchers, and it sounded amazingly delicious. I got my standard – Mongolian Beef, made spicy. I put the rice on the plate, added half of the dish. I usually do this and then go back for the second half (after consuming my egg roll and/or hot and sour soup). Well I couldn’t even finish the first half of the Mongolian Beef. Too much rice, the meat was too saucy, too salty, too processed tasting. I felt icky afterwards, and was so glad I didn’t indulge in soup or egg roll. I drank three glasses of water to try to flush my system, it just felt so… wrong.

That’s not to say I haven’t eaten bad food. I had Chipotle this past week, this Sunday at the family get-together I had a small handful of sour cream and onion ruffled chips with dip, Tuesday night I had a regular beer and I salivate just thinking about the ribs my husband made last Friday. I guess the difference is that Chinese food is the type of thing I eat mindlessly. It’s the type of dinner we have in front of the TV, where you hit a commercial break, look down and are shocked that your plate is empty. And I think these eight weeks have gotten me out of that mindset. If I had the same Chinese in a restaurant with a glass of wine, conversation, distraction I would have eaten even less, and probably would have enjoyed more. I wouldn’t have ended up with indigestion waking me at 1am (of course on a night when Emerson crashed at 7pm and didn’t make a peep until 7:45am). Like Weight Watchers tells you, it’s not about depriving yourself, it’s about moderation. You CAN eat anything, it’s just about quantities and balance.

So this morning I put on my beloved Seven jeans and they fit, but they are loose to the point that they look dumpy. These are the jeans that used to make my ass look fantastic and every time I put them on my husband asked me if I lost weight. I put them on this morning and my husband joked that I had put on his jeans. Yeah, they looked that unflattering. Last night my husband was sitting in a chair in the living room, I was lying on the floor below him watching TV and half-heartedly doing crunches and he was playing around and put his foot on my breast. He took his foot away… and my bra stayed dented. “What the hell is wrong with your boob?” he asked. I had to explain that my breasts are shrinking And don’t really fill this bra currently, especially when lying down. It kind of sucks to be in this middle stage – not small enough for a new wardrobe, but my current wardrobe looks a bit off on my slightly changed frame. I don’t know whether to buy new clothes, alter what I have, and if I do buy or alter, what should I buy that won’t also be the wrong fit in another month or two.

Ah, another reason to buy dresses – all my dresses still fit!

The weather is supposed to be spectacular this weekend. Tomorrow morning Emerson and I are getting up bright and early to attend a baby consignment sale in Reisterstown, Maryland. It is being held by a relative’s church. If you live near Baltimore and are interested in attending, send me an email and I can give you the deets. Last year my husband’s aunt gave us a giant trash bag of clothes for Emerson that she got at the sale and she only paid $25 for all of it. The older a child gets, the less gifts you get and the more I need to build up Emerson’s wardrobe. Sunday we are having breakfast at my mom’s house and I am going to finally clean out all the random stuff I am still storing in my childhood bedroom (hello souvenir glass from prom and my zip-ankle Guess jeans). This means I still have most of the days to enjoy the weather – no plans of yet but I hope to spend as many hours as I can outside!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend – take care of yourselves, love yourselves, and do something to pamper that fabulous body of yours!


  1. August 28, 2010 / 1:30 am

    HA! I hear you on the disappearing boob issues. One of my bras that I just wear around the house now does that dent thing, and Matt says that it is for my “prop boob.” I wish I could find a cheap bra that is good for in between sizes.

    Congratulations to you on your loss and keep on rockin’ out!

  2. August 27, 2010 / 3:32 pm

    I like salsa again. It’s funny, I got so into creamy and cheesy things that plain salsa was so… boring. I got some salsa verde at Trader Joe’s and it is so good, just on grilled chicken or even brown rice. Making my own, I can now taste the jalapeno and cilantro and see the beauty in something so simple and so healthy. I can remember when I first did WW they talked about replacing chips with celery when eating salsa and that sounded so gross to me. Well last night I got home from work and was STARVING but knew I wouldn’t eat until 8 so I had some baby carrots and celery with salsa and it was good, satisfying, filled my tummy without feeling heavy or ruining my dinner.

    I feel my tastebuds are returning, that appeal for the delicate flavors you experience only with slowing down and savoring. 🙂

  3. August 27, 2010 / 3:27 pm

    Allie, you are doing fantastic! And when you figure out how to update your wardrobe, but with items that won’t be crazy big in a little bit, let me know. I’m having the indented boob issue as well, but since the bra works mainly when I’m upright I’ve been putting off sinking money into other bras that might have the same problem soon enough!

    I have been picking up jeans (gap) at the thrift store in the next size down in preparation. And my dresses and tops should be fine (I hope….otherwise I’m gonna need to find an amazing tailor).

    I think it’s interesting that once you eat in a more healthy way you do notice when there is too much salt, sugar, oil in something that before would have simply been part of the taste. What is a food you now enjoy that before you might have found bland?

  4. August 27, 2010 / 3:01 pm

    Way to go on your loss, Alison! I put lemon slices in my water and that helps with bloat from too much sodium (I am tracking sodium, not just calories). Enjoy the weekend!

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