It’s All Been Done Before

I am a magazineaholic. Due to my membership with Gold Points, I have racked up a few free subscriptions. I also have received a few as gifts or for signing up for something (Ann Taylor’s holiday Love Cures discount card gave me Vogue). A few magazines are my all-time faves. I believe Bazaar gives true fashion/trend advice that is wearable and useful. Allure turns me on to new beauty products and helps me get that must-have hairdo for the season. And Jane. Well Jane, I grew up on Sassy and started with Jane because it seemed like the big girl version. And now you have a new editor who is trying really hard to be super hip and super cool but super marketable and really… hip and cool and fresh is marketable because it is just that. When you TRY to make money off of being a nonconformist, you lose. At first you may feel that you win because you’re selling more issues. However you soon lose your cred and therefore become another Cosmo or Glamour. Think of cutting edge things that have come before and are now mundane – Suicide Girls, Coyote Ugly, Marilyn Manson, South Park, body piercing, even reality TV. How boring is it to see yet another gorgeous person eat a cow’s testicle.

Anyway, back to Jane. I received my latest issue in the mail yesterday. I kept it for the bathroom because that IS where my best short-spurt reading takes places. Luckily I have been on vacation so I have been drinking far more, went to happy hour yesterday and consumed four Miller Lites and seven hot wings and therefore spent a decent portion of the evening reading Jane. And well, this magazine is BORING. I can find out about new music from MySpace. I find out about real fashion from Bazaar or just walking the shops. The last time I took hair advice from Jane I did have great success (2am, pair of giant orange scissors and the magazine suggests that to get a hip asymmetrical cut like Kelly Osbourne is to put your hair in a side ponytail and cut it off….) but that was pure luck and stupidity and a job where a partially shorn head dyed a purply-brown was considered hip. Anyway, getting off base. The point is that everything has been done before. It’s pointless to attempt to be new and fresh and cutting-edge. Even these words are overused. Gosh a new episode on the WB is called a “fresh new episode.” What, was it picked out of the produce section? Almost makes it sound like a slab of beef sliced right off the cow. I tried Googling trends that were so cutting-edge and underground and are now common place and a tad cheesy. I knew Suicide Girls had gone that route, but it was hard to find examples because my key words were so overused. Take underground, cutting edge, mundane, hip, trendy, commonplace, unique and other equivalent words and pop them into Google. Out will come articles from Time, websites promoting Christian rock, companies selling lipgloss. Utterly ridiculous.

We bloggers think we have something new and fresh to say. We don’t. It’s not about what we say, it’s how we say it. Like fashion, which is recycled. There is only so much new out there – it’s how you present your message. And Jane magazine, you’re as new and fresh as a Cosmo article about how to please your man in bed. Yes the letter to the editor in Jane’s current issue is trying to go against that stereotype, but the articles to support that within the pages… we’ll they’re old news in an old format.

I haven’t written much lately because I feel as new and fresh as my latest issue of Jane. But then I realize I am not anything unusual, and I don’t like to write to impress people with my unusual-ness. I write because it’s fun to share, and it’s fun to be read and it’s even more fun when people can sometimes relate. And you’re more relatable when you’re not new and fresh.

This week I have been on an at-home vacation, the majority of it spent hanging around the house with my awesome husband. We have gone shopping, we have taken friends out, we have gone kayaking, we ordered a new camera and new comforter and today we are getting a new mattress (figure those things are the same price in total as a vacation). This week I started a MySpace page for my blog. Something I was hesitant to do as that I feel a bit… conceited. It’s not that I don’t want you guys to know me, it’s just those random people that stop by, well I don’t necessarily want them to know the real me’s hometown, husband’s name, my last name, my college, etc… Anyway I figured no one would come by but many of you readers have come over and signed up and I feel like I can see into your worlds and get to know you better and I love it! Your comments have been amazing, and it feels really good to know that I am liked for being normal, not hip, not fresh, just me. Well enough Saturday morning rambling, it’s time to hang out with the spouse. See you guys next week!

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