Lack of Fashion Motivation

I am going to the mall tomorrow.

Thank you Jesus!

I am sick of my wardrobe. Things are starting to look worn, stained, mishapen, out of fashion. I look in my closet every morning and sigh. Open the drawers, already knowing everything in there is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Today i am wearing gray cuffed trousers, part of a Tahari suit. With it is a light blue silk v-neck sweater I got at Ann Taylor last year. Well this past windter/spring. I wore it my first day of work here, and I started in March 2005.

No jewelery looks right with this outfit. Pearls makes it look matronly. Silver necklace makes me look as though I am trying to hard. Just wearing the silver cuff and hoops.


Black leather pumps. Hair wavy. Simple makeup. I feel like a dud. the sweater is too big and mishapen from too many hangings in the bathroom after a bath in Woolite. The trousers are nice, but better with the suit jacket. I fear wearing these trousers too much without the jacket – it's a nice suit and I don't want it to be a missmatch.

Oh well, I'll just hide out in my office until the day is through. Not like I work with fashion mavens, I just feel lameola when I know I didn't try.


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