Last Days of Summer

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Okay, it may still be eighty degrees outside, but that doesn't mean we can saunter around in white linen and sundresses. There are a few summer pieces that can work well in transition from Summer to Fall.

I have a gorgeous skirt from Banana that I got at their outlet for a STEAL (boy, I say that a lot!). Well it's a lovely silk, calf length, floaty and flares out at the bottom. It is a paisley of turquoise, emerald green, brown, white and celadon. You may remember the collection – this print and similar versions came in pareos, clutches, halters and even bathing suits. Well I got the skirt. Wanted the clutch, but the print was with black instead of brown, and combining the two would be a no-no.

This skirt is floaty. As soon as I tried it on in the fitting room I wanted to go on a cruise or tropical vacation. I wanted to wear this skirt with a little tank and beaded thongs (on the feet! Hahahaha!), hand in hand with my husband as we walked the beach at sunset collecting shells and sea glass.

The colors are not overly summery, but since it's lightweight silk I know it's days in my current season closet are numbered. Magazines may show summer skirts with tall boots and turtlenecks, but this look bothers me immensely. It's as though your viewers are too stupid to realize that your floral chiffon sundress is not made to go with suede boots and a velvet blazer. Maybe Mary Kate and Ashley can pull off the Boho/Hobo look, but the majority of Suburban America needs to stick more to the rules of fashion.

Back to my outfit. So I am wearing the skirt, and I am wearing with a sleeveless v-neck silk sweater shell in the same turquoise as the skirt. I found the shell at Ann Taylor. Um yeah, it's the same shell that I wore on my Black and blue day, but a different color. I am famous for buying in bulk.

On the feet are my tan thong heels from Tar-jay. Silver cuff, silver hoops. Hair straightened but with body. I took my fabu straightener/curler and gave body and some wave to my hair. If it were shellacked it would look like a newscaster or The Rachel. With just a touch of pomade on the ends, I can almost feel the seabreeze in my hair (and no, I don't mean the astringent).

Tonight when I get home, the skirt will go to the bag for the cleaners for it's end of season cleaning, then head to the office closet (aka last season's wardrobe).

by the way, love the idea that this skirt is hanging off my waist, held up by my hips. May not fit next summer! If that is so, I can think of some faby crafts with this amazing fabric. Banana Republic pillow anyone?

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