Office Maven by Weekday, Wedding Coordinator by Weekend

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While wedding planning, I met a lot of women on The Knot. I frequented the message boards for my city, asking for opinions on caterers and bridal salons. Through this I met the women on a message board I used to be a part of and I even created a messag ebaord exclusively for planning and past brides of the site I got married at.

One of the women on the latter of the two boards became a professional wedding coordinator and on occassion needs assistance at weddings. She hires me out. Today I had one at the mansion both she and I were married at.

This wedding today was a day wedding. I wanted to wear a pair of full leg winter white trousers with some beige silk heeled sandals and my cute beaded top, but the coordiantor said that she usually has her team dress in all black and suits.

Um. it was 95 degrees today and 100% humidity. A suit??? But what the boss lady wants, she gets.

I dress in my black Triacetate suit from Ann Taylor. It's a full leg trouser and a tailored jacket. Under, I wear a bacl matte jersey shell I bought at The Limited back in oh… possibly 1999. It has a slight drape neck and boat neck. So flattering, and has held up so beautifully washing after washing. I wore a strad of black pearls that my sister gave me for Christmas this past year, and the black leather thing heels fromt he night before (these are MAGIC SHOES! I can wear them all day without any foot pain!).

Makeup was subtle – dewy face, mild gloss, nude shadow, hint of liner and lots of mascara. Hair was curly (showered but didn't wash the hair for a fun beachy curl look that maintains even when sweating).

The jacket was never worn. I hung it in the mansion's coat closet. It was a million degrees outside, a thousand inside. Running around lighting votives, cleaning up spills, getting the mother of the bride coffee can really make you hot and sweaty! Those that think wedding coordiantion is glamorous should try it. Ha! I get filthy. I sweat my ass off. My feet hurt. My clothes are scuffed (someone has to lie on the patio and drop the gardenias just so in the fountain!), my makeup smeared, my hair eitther limp and damp or a rat's nest. I am having people snap their fingers for my attention, bitch to me about things out of my control, ask impossible requests and get pissed when I cannot deliver. Mothers freak out, fathers get power hungry and wallet protective. Brides get amnesia, grooms get drunk to squelch their nervousness. Bridesmaids get pissy, groomsmen disappear somewhere to smoke a cigarette. All of this happens right before something like posed photos, cake cutting or the first dance.

This wedding wasn't bad. She was a women from the message board I created. Sort of bridezilla in planning, but come the day of her wedding, she was calm, understanding and looked beautiful. Her family and wedding party were so nice and cooperative. The guests were pleasant. Almost all her vendors were professional and easy to manage (let's jsut forget about the DJ). And hey, I left with a nice check from the head coordinator and it was only 4pm! Time to party!

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