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Hi all:

Know I have been a bit mum lately, life has been pretty hectic.

Work Front
A colleague was let go the other week, he was the one on my team I worked most closely with and was my lunch buddy. No need to go into details, but I miss him around, and I also hate that my workload has doubled to cover for what he did until we find a replacement. If you’re reading X, hope you and your family are well!

I am heading to Bonnaroo in less than one week and I am terribly excited! I think I have everything I need except for some AA batteries for my iPod speakers and camera, however I haven’t yet packed. There will be seven of us in my group, taking three cars. We’ll be staying over in Bristol Wednesday night and then rolling into Manchester on Thursday any time between 2 and 7 (all dependant on traffic). So I won’t be blogging during that time, and work will be busy my Tuesday back so it may be a week that I will be MIA. Just a heads up, but expect lots of crazy stories and pictures with my return!

So I saw Sex and the City this past weekend. When the series started, I didn’t have HBO. Heck, I didn’t have cable at all and lived (still live) in the woods so we couldn’t get a single channel. However after 9/11 we got cable so we were connected to the world and with it we got a free year of HBO. I became addicted to SATC – the fashion, the women, the city. Gosh didn’t anyone? I was working for Express at the time and we all would gossip about Sunday night’s episode and search the store for items where we could channel Carrie, Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte. Yes, I had a few of those ginormous flower pins!

Anyway, I loved the show because it showed women as strong, but not bitches. That women could care about shoes, but also care about people and the world around them. That they were human – they gained weight, drank too much, slept with idiots, put their feet in their mouth, made stupid decisions. So many shows portray women as stressed out and unappreciated mothers, or always happy go lucky people with fake apartments and faker jobs who always seem to get the guy. SATC also changed the direction of fashion – from the Rachel cut and the no-name floral dresses and baby tees to something that was a work of art. It made women realize that fashion really can tell a story – a beautiful story about the person under it. It’s not just about money (for Carrie rocked out in some FABULOUS thrift store and cheap end pieces), but about fashion telling the story. It really resonated with me.

So the movie was a must-see for me when it came out. I didn’t care that it got bad reviews. I also had no desire to sip cosmos with my gal pals at some chi chi spot beforehand and wear my designer (ha!) duds to the event. I also had no desire to see it opening day, for fear of being surrounded by over-tan, over-blonde ladies in pink Juicy sweatsuits or their best mall-equivalents of Patricia Field creations, giggling over bejeweled cell phones and fake Louis Vuitton bags.

I tried making plans to get my girlfriends together for a brunch, and then trip to the local theater for a showing, but it never fully panned out. Last minute, I went with my mom and my bestie friend Shelly and then we hit the local diner for Greek salads.

I liked it. Yes some parts were fashion porn for the sake of fashion porn. Some parts were drawn out, some seemed fake (ha, the whole thing is fake – more like not typical of these characters), some seemed like gratuitous gross or sexiness, and I wasn’t thrilled with Jennifer Hudson. No, loved HER, and thought she did well, but didn’t care for how they portrayed or developed her character. Thought she was made to be a bit too one-dimensional and stereotypical and cheesy. And her clothes – why couldn’t we see more of the girl’s clothes? I am equally interested to see a girl who makes style from knockoffs and Big Box buys as these women who have disposable incomes. Let’s add Miss Hudson ain’t no size 0, so it made me doubly interested. Some Missoni-inpired tunic here, a boring cowl-neck in a fab color hidden behind a bar, a pewter metallic tunic again only shown at chest-height, and her walking out the door in 50,000 bulky layers of knit. WTF, hey Pat can’t you dress a normal-sized woman with a normal-sized wallet?

Anyway, off my rant. Loved the movie, cried several times, fell in love with Steve all over again and was happy that I got to see it with two very important women in my life! My sister will see it this weekend with a gaggle of her gal pals when they head to the beach and I can’t wait so I can dish about it with her!

Fashion and Life
YSL has passed away. I am deeply saddened by the loss of this wonderful artist. He truely transformed fashion for women – brought France on the map as a fashion destination, made pants utterly chic, I could go on and on. His art will live on, and I know I will remember him always.

Trying to keep my clothing shopping to an ultimate minimum. We are planning on building an addition on our current house and remodel the kitchen. We also want to get some travelling in. I love fashion, but I love life as a whole far more. Therefore, expect to see some oldies but goodies the next couple of months. I will try to switch them up, add some accessories to the mix and such, but no big shopping sprees any time soon. Think of it as proof that a small closet can be a successful and versatile one! I went to the mall this past week and didn’t try on a stitch of clothing. However I got a scarf (see what I am wearing today), a replacement pair of silver hoops from a mall kiosk (my other ones broke), and some cheap H&M necklaces. I also got some new cheaper sunglasses from Ann Taylor Loft that are aviator-inspired and have been rocking them. May get a dress, possible a pair of cute city shorts and another pair of sandals, but it won’t be weekly new buys from Banana Republic.

As for the addition, couldn’t be more excited! We have been thinking about moving all together, but the community we live in is really lovely, our current mortgage is far cheaper than anything else we could get elsewhere in the DC area, and we are close to our jobs and families now. We’re thinking of adding a master bedroom off the room we currently use as our bedroom. The current room is a fine size, but we need a room for a proper home office. We’ll make the current bedroom the office and then have a door in it to the master bedroom (with CLOSETS!!!). Then below we will extend the length of the living room a bit and then build a family room/sunroom off it so the addition is two stories and even. Extending the living/dining room will make it possible to have a full-sized dining table – something I have wanted for YEARS! We’ll be taking up space where the deck was, so we are thinking of a stone patio off the side of the house as a replacement. We’ve lived at this house for almost a decade with doing very little in regard to renovation or improvement. This will make it almost like a new home!

Currently we are in talks with contractors, but once decisions are made and activity takes place I will post pictures to let you know how it all goes!

The A/C in my office is fixed. Halleluiah! No grumpy Allie!

Going to a few shows in August to continue the live music fix for the summer – Black Crowes with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, and G. Love with John Butler Trio (both at Wolf Trap). If anyone else in the area is going to these, let me know and we can have a teensy meetup! I may slip in a few other shows, but it will be hard to justify considering the cost and the amount of artists I will be seeing next week at BONNAROO!!!

I may be doing a Lunch and Learn at a local café in August about how to update your wardrobe for the Fall. If this does take place, I will be sure to let ya’ll know so you can come by!

Checked out the new Nationals stadium and it is awesome! We have another game we are going to later in the month and I am looking forward to it. Started going to baseball games to make my mom happy and give her company, but now I have really gotten to enjoy more than the very cold Miller Lites and Boardwalk Fries! Go Nats!

My high school reunion is at the end of the month – it will be at an Italian restaurant in DC. I went to a small school, a bit over 100 people in my graduating class and I think the reunion will be less than 50 of us. So readers, whatever shall I wear?

Not a ton of new makeup lately – think the only new thing I have used is Too Faced Lash Injection. It’s nothing spectacular – it’s thick and gummy, smells like tar and can’t hold a candle to SiorShow, Imju Fiberwig, L’Oreal Voluminous or Cover Girl LashBlast. Still looking for the Holy Grail of mascaras…


  1. June 6, 2008 / 1:54 pm

    Awww thanks, I would appreciate it! If you could send it to me at mywardrobetoday at gmail dot com, that would be fab! 🙂

  2. June 6, 2008 / 1:52 pm

    My husband and I have redone our kitchen twice – one major redo in our first condo: new cabinets, lighting, floors, countertops AND minor redo in our new townhome: new countertops and appliances. I have names for a great granite person and contractor if you need. That is if you are in the MD area. Its definitely a stressful process but WELL WORTH IT!!!

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