Giveaway: Rothys Flats

I saw the ads on Facebook, the pins on Pinterest. I saw you, Rothys flats and you piqued my curiosity. You looked into my soul and responded with adorable pointed toe shoes that would make me feel like an eco-loving Audrey Hepburn.

I bought a pair, and I think they're pretty awesome. I wrote an unbiased reviewof Rothys flats, and many of you agreed they were awesome. And many of you bought pairs, which I could see by the referral code I had in the blog post. I was so excited by the response and decided to do a giveaway of how ever many pairs I could buy from the referral code. And they kept adding up and it was thrilling. I mean, I was getting my affiliate commission BUT the clicking was also helping lots of readers get free pairs? Freaking awesome! But then I realized, you could only use one referral code per order. Sad trombone.

But this week Rothy's changed their referral program and now you can stack the credits and around 2am Friday morning I collected enough to cover four pairs of Rothys flats. If you live where Rothy's delivers, you can enter this giveaway. If you win, I will order you whatever pair of Rothys flats that are available, in your available size.  If you are interested in buying Rothys flats, use my code to get $20 off and you'll be adding $20 into the pot for more Wardrobe Oxygen readers to win a chance at a free pair of Rothys flats.

As I earn more credits, I will update this giveaway with how many winners there will be. Each winner will win one pair; but there will likely/hopefully be several of you. I'm hoping this turns out well, and I can giveaway a lot of these awesome flats. I know the pricepoint is a tough one for many; I don't judge Rothy's in fact I am impressed they were able to find a pretty decent balance of purpose, function, style, and price. But hopefully some of those who win this are those who would own a pair if they could.

How to Enter to Win a Pair of Rothys Flats:

Rothy's Flats Giveaway

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