So I Overpacked….

But what's the harm in that? I have to bring the pullman, might as well fill it to the hilt.

Day of Work/Flight There – pink sweater and black pants and mules.
Dinner Attire – ivory and black zebra print skirt to wear with same pink sweater, black pumps
Meeting Attire – Black suiting trousers, same black pumps, lilac scoop silk sweater shell, light apple green blazer, black laptop bag/tote
Toursit Attire – orange tissue weight cotton sweater, dark jeans, flops.
Flight Home – Olive jersey zip pullover and matching yoga pants, orchid wifebeater, black flops.

So the flight there was delayed. We didn't get to California until after 9pm. We raced to the hotel to meet our client, who was already at the hotel bar, and already three sheets to the wind. I had time to check in, brush my hair and teeth and head out for dinner – same grungy flight outfit.

All the restaurants on Cannery Row were closed by time we arrived. We ended up eating at some pub – mediocre food and mediocre wine.

The next day – wore the outfit I described. Spent a good deal of time doing my hair to have it destroyed in the nice breeze/wind.

The outfit was nice though. Good color, comfortable, easy to remove the jacket and not look like a hoochie.

Then the meeting and business lunch was over and I had a late hotel checkout, so I ran to the hotel to check out and to change. the suit was ultra comfy, but the shoes were corporate and stifling.

I changed into my jeans and orange sweater. The bossman and I traipsed around Monterey for a few hours.

We enjoyed some of the wine stores, having wine tastings. Came home with a bottle of Cabernet!

Started getting a little punchy on lack of sleep. Can you tell?

Needed a little more liquor in my blood to sleep on the flight home. It worked pretty well.

This pictures made me realize I am in desperate desperate need of a hair cut – you know your hair is overgrown when your side parted hair with bangs parts int he middle a la Marcia Brady. Not hot.

So I wore the same darn outfit on the plane home. Didn't consider that I wouldn't have a place to change, nor the time to change either. Didn't matter, I was so incredibly wiped out, I could have been in a vinyl and studs outfit and would have been cozy.

I did learn that my lovely orange sweater doesn't hold up well when packed, and slubbed around. Notice how the sleeve is all mishapen. Yeah, the whole sweater looked that way. Resembled an expensive fine gauge cotton trash bag. Plan to block the sweater after the next washing and if it doesn't get back in shape, may become a bum around sweater instead of a casual nice sweater. Oh well.

Glad to be home! Monterey was gaw-geous but I did miss the East Coast. After sleeping off my red-eye jet lag, I am feeling good and glad to be home!

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