Team Meeting With the Bigwigs

From 9-4 in the board room – me and heads of different departments and my boss and senior VPs of whatnot. Discussing the plan of action for the upcoming year.

Turquoise silk v-neck sweater shell. Cuffed trousers from Ann Taylor of a color similar to french vanilla ice cream. My denim blazer in case it got cold. A necklace made of silver wire and blue shades of sea glass. Tan thong heels. Hair curly.

Well not curly in a good way. Curly in a got out of bed and it looked semi decent and then I got rained on and my hair dryed while waiting for the elevator since one was broken and the stairs were locked sort of way. That means not so good.

Went to the mall last night with all aspirations to spend. Got a pair of olive refined chinos with a nice leg cut, and a pair of lightweight chocolate brown cuffed stretch wool trousers that make my ass look fantastic. Oh, and some crap from The Body Shop. And that's all I got. The wallet is happy but I feel hallow. I have spent the past 45 minutes internet window shopping, not quite finding anything that really impresses me, leaving each site empty handed.

I don't like the hodge podge style of this season. Studs and grommets like biker punk. Fur trim and teeds like early 20th century proper lady. Romanian brocade and jewels. Still some embroidered pieces, tunics and funky flats for the boho look. Lots of simple pieces. Lots of mallard blue and plum – both colors you would think to be flattering on me but are not. I don't look good in plum, mallard blue, olive or forest green, pumpkin, any color of gold or honey or camel, pure white or cream. Sort of screws me for Fall 2005.
Maybe I should go to bed early and hit the gym.

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