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I've been receiving a lot of questions of products I am currently using and while I should do individual review posts this is a hella busy season so that likely won't happen until the new year. Until then this little collage shares the basics I have been using:

  • Boysmells “Violet Ends” Fragrance: I mentioned in a previous Friday Shop that I was using a different Boysmells fragrance and a few days after I wrote how I loved it I no longer loved it. It had too strong of a leather smell and some days I felt I smelled more like a horse than a human. But I tried Violet Ends and kinda became obsessed. Karl is even wearing it too, and it smells dramatically different on both of us. When I first put it on it smells kind of musky and warm, but over time that violet smell comes through and the combination is so delicious. I've even put it on before bed so I can smell it as I fall asleep. I linked to Nordstrom for this since it's far easier to return there if you don't like it, but the Boysmells site has a sample set that's great to try their unique fragrances.
  • Apothekari “Neroli Rose” Deodorant: I've been wearing Apothekari deodorant for over a year now. I have tested other natural deodorants but this one continues to be a formula I like (roll-on), and effective even after a Peloton ride. The Neroli Rose is a bit more fragrant than the other scents Apothekari has, but I like it, and I like how it combines with Violet Ends. BTW use wardrobe10 at checkout for 10% off your order!
  • Vegamour Hair Growth Products: Vegamour reached out like two months ago to ask if I'd like to try their hairgrowth products, no strings attached. Considering I've been dealing with thinning hair and I've tried a lot of other products that either haven't worked for me (Aveda Invati), caused me to break out like I was 14 or have greasy hair like I was 14 (Viviscal, Nutrafol), or I had an allergic reaction to (monoxidil AKA Rogaine and the stuff JLo is hawking) I was down. I was also down because Vegamour is vegan, and I eat a primarily vegan diet and non-vegan products cause my stomach to sometimes be unhappy (hello collagen peptides). I will do a full review in the new year but the two products I have liked and regularly use:
    • Vegamour GRO Biotin Gummies for Hair: I was scared to use these because I have had such issues with biotin in the past. But I have been taking one gummy at night when I remember and at the time of writing this I only have one left. I am shocked that I haven't had any breakouts, other than a little zit in the middle of my chin that also could be from the change in seasons, the stress of the holidays, and me rubbing my face all stressed out about the holiday season. I don't know exactly if they're working but they are aren't hurting and my nails seem a bit stronger too. They taste good and are heart shaped, which is cute.
    • Vegamour GRO+ Advanced Serum: I apply this almost every night (some nights I forget) and I have about 1/3 of the bottle left. This product made me realize it was the minoxidil, not Propylene Glycol, that I was allergic to in products like Rogaine and Hers because there is Propylene Glycol in this yet I have not had a single reaction while Rogaine after about two weeks makes me start to feel a bit hot and slightly itchy and within a month I have red welts all over my scalp and around my ears. Not only do I have zero reaction, I think it's working? I have a lot of baby hairs on my head and my scalp doesn't look as obvious.
  • Winter Skin Routine: This is quite a popular question I get. While in the summer I am more creative with my skincare, in the winter I stick with more of my reliable favorites that won't cause my skin to be dry, irritated, cracking, or unhappy in any way. These are the main products I am using now:
    • Cleanser: Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm. Nothing else compares for me. My skin is clean, soft, hydrated, and happy. If I wear a lot of makeup I will double cleanse with some Micellar or CeraVe, but most days it's just this.
    • Treatment: Serovital RetinAll. SeroVital invited me to try their Suddenly Smooth RetinAll and I used an entire container and asked for more. Come winter, my skin can be easily irritated and I often forego treatments like retinol or acids to keep my skin happy. Well my skin loves this stuff, and I think it does reduce the look of fine lines. Do know it has a fragrance, so it may not be for all but I like the scent (more fruity/fresh than floral or spa).
    • Moisture: Colleen Rothschild Extreme Recovery Cream. Day and night, I use this and it really hydrates without being greasy, without causing breakouts, and it plays nice with makeup.
    • Extra Moisture: Equilibria Daily Treatment Oil. I keep this on my nightstand and pat it on my face, neck, collarbone, and top of my hands before I go to sleep. It really really hydrates with just a little bit, I like the smell (think bergamot spa) and it also helps if my skin is angry from a new product or a day out in the cold. BTW use wardrobeoxygen at checkout for 15% off (right now this code works for new and existing customers).

I do use more products, but these are the ones I like so much I'd pack for a vacation (well maybe not the gummies, but the rest). I am a product fan and bounce around, but rely on these. Let me know what kind of beauty and skincare reviews you'd like to see in the new year!

Sale Alert

Equilibria, the organic woman-owned CBD company I love and use, has all their stocking stuffers on sale for $60 and less; you can find them at this link. Not only that, through the 13th, buy two stocking stuffers and get one free. AND, if you use wardrobeoxygen at checkout, you will get 15% off your order. And this code is working for everyone, not just new customers but current and previous ones too!

Dermstore is offering 15% off to new customers with promo code WELCOME15; full details at this link. I have raved about Dermstore before; it's kind of like Sephora or Bluemercury but the focus is on skincare and the curation is top-notch. You won't find the latest trendy brand, but the highest rated products, whether they are drugstore or sold by your dermatologist (or something in between). That being said, you'll find popular brands like Sunday Riley, Tatcha, and Paula's Choice, and plenty of amazing gift sets. And if you shop before the 11th your order will arrive before Christmas!

SkinStore, another online boutique focused on skincare and great brands, has up to 50% off gift sets at this link. Plus, if you use NEWBIE at checkout you'll get an additional 20% off!

What I Bought and What I Thought

skims boyshorts

There are some brands I don't want to give my money to, and one is SKIMS. I don't feel the Kardashians need my money, I can spend it elsewhere. But lately, I have been on a hunt for a certain type of underwear and it led me to this Kim K. brand.

Y'all know I'm not afraid of TMI; I've been dealing with some chafing at the leg openings of my underwear. I felt boyshorts would be a more comfortable option, but many boyshorts are a rise that likes to slide down and hide out under my belly. I wanted a boyshort that was thin enough to disappear under clothes and not give me VPL (visible panty line), high enough of a rise to not slide down but not so high it shows when I bend over, and a comfortable fabric.

skims boyshort review

I knew I didn't want that bonded edge kind of seamless underwear that a lot of brands sell right now. I've had the bonding loosen, I find the fabric often stretches out, and I've tried some brands like Knix and Soma and found the rise and fabric cause them to slide down. I knew I didn't want cotton or something that would have a thick hem, and I didn't want anything with a branded or contrast waistband in case they do show when I bend over and wear a shorter top. Oh, and a decent size range so I am not the very largest or very smallest size.

On my searches, I kept reading positive reviews for the SKIMS Fits Everybody Boyshort, and that they were cheapest on the SKIMS site (buy three or more and they're $12 each). I bought three in size Large – a beige, black, and a purple color. They arrived quickly, simple yet effective packaging, washed great.

And I hate to say it but I really like this underwear. All three fit the same, had the same quality. Ultra Violet is the darn prettiest color, they have other colors too plus eight different skintones. These aren't completely opaque, but opaque enough that you don't feel exposed in a changing room (the darker colors are more opaque). And they're super comfortable, not shifting around whether under a dress, a pair of leggings, jeans, or wide-leg lined trousers.

skims everyone boyshort review

SKIMS is available in sizes XXS-4X with extensive size charts for measurements. The SKIMS site shows all the colors on humans as well as flat lays, and on a variety of models of different sizes and skintones. While I don't love supporting the Kardashians, I can't deny that this is a high-quality product with great marketing and size range and finding such a combo is harder than it should be. I'll be shopping SKIMS again.


  1. December 10, 2021 / 2:15 pm

    Your gift guide yesterday for travelers was great. I ordered 2 items which finished my holiday shopping! Thank you!!

  2. Anamarie
    December 10, 2021 / 8:41 am

    Allie, about the SKIMS – in the above photos, it looks like the edges roll – have you experienced that? You didn’t whether you experienced VPL or not, so I have to ask given the images. Thanks!

    • December 10, 2021 / 8:44 am

      Good questions! When I took them off they would roll up but when I put them back on I’d rearrange them and they’d stay in place. And no VPL!

      • Anamarie
        December 10, 2021 / 3:40 pm

        Thanks! I’m still not entirely on board with supporting that family franchise, but I appreciate your response in case I get desperate!

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