The Past Sixteen Hours…

So I got home and took a quick nap.


Then I went for sushi and possibly a bar with my husband and our good friend.

Same jeans from the day, white wifebeater and a black cotton knit shrug. Silver cuff, large silver hoops and a black leather multiple-strand cord holding up a silver hammered cirlcular pendant. Reapplied gloss and didn't mess with the makeup and hair.

We decided we wer tired and poor and bummy. We stopped by a liquor store to pick up the Bombay, some Grey Goose, diet tonic, and a silly drink I can't get enough of. We had limes at home left over from some yummy pad thai I made this week.

So we got home, The Husband played bartender, and we had a movie night. God Bless Net Flix. I swear in 2006 the only movie I have seen on the silver screen has been Sin City. In 2004, only Garden State, The Aviator and Kinsey (but the latter at the belated discount indie theater in town where the tickets were only $3 and the movie was at Blockbuster a week later).

So we had Mean Girls, Napoleon Dynamite and Crash. Saw Mean Girls, fell asleep halfway through Napoleon, and didn't even know Crash was played. Darn margaritas taking me under (or maybe it was the big metal Sapporos at the sushi bar?).

Sleep – well The Husband was home. We usually only sleep 1-2 nights a week at the same time in the same bed (darn work schedules) so you know that it was… commando. Drunk friend passed out downstairs on the couch.

This morning, I woke up and decided to do some homework for my stained glass class and threw on a pair of paint splattered Weekend Jeans from J. Crew, my olive zip hooded pullover from J. Crew, and an orchid colored wifebeater from Old Navy. Hair back in a clip, several hours of bliss on the back deck. It was cool, about 75 degrees, overcast. The Husband and his two buddies went mountain biking and left me to my devices and hobbies.

My dear friend called and invited me to brunch. Brushed out the hair, powdered my nose. Switched to a black fine jersey off the shoulder tunic that I found in a thrift store, slapped on some silver hoops and my silver cuff, and the jeans from the night before (no need to do the stretching dance if it's the second day – ladies know what I'm talking about!). My ponty snakeskin heels to add some pizazz and I was ready to go.

Brunch was yum, then I ran errands (ah the glamorous life of suburban wives – gas station, CVS, grocery store, Jiffy Lube and Tar-jay).

And now I am home, back in the paint splattered jeans and olive hoodie. Washing laundry, playing on the computer, contemplating whether to walk the dog for fear I may be caught in a downpour.

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