The 5 Best Self Tanners for a Natural Look

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Self-tanners can be tricky, so here are five that are not only fool-proof, but leave you skin with the perfect glow!

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Tan Luxe The Face Illuminating Drops

These are my favorite tanning drops for my face. There's no scent, and no streaks-just add a few drops to your morning moisturizer for a beautiful glow.

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Jergens Natural Glow

This is another favorite. There are two color options and after 3 days you'll notice a deepening glow.

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Clarins Milky Lotin

This can be used for both your face and body. It's buildable, mess free, and has little to no drying time. 

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Jergens Natural Glow Body Mousse

This gets points for ease of use, short drying time, immediate results and the price point.

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Neutrogena Build a Glow Spray

This continuous spray gets those hard to reach areas. It dries in 5 minutes and gives your skin  a glow up to two shades darker 

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