5 Ways to Update Your Look


Looking to update your look but don't have a lot of money to do it? You'll be surprised by what simple, and low-cost methods can elevate your existing wardrobe and transform your appearance.

The condition of footwear can make or break anyone's style. It's not about how much your shoes cost or how long you've had them. It's all about their condition. Keep them clean and take damaged shoes to a cobbler for repair.

give your shoes a glow-up

No need to replace your handbag each season. Spot cleaning and snipping loose strings from wear can keep your bag looking polished. Completely empty your handbag every so often to remove clutter and crumbs too.

Give Your daily Handbag Some TLC

No need to completely change your hair, but subtle changes can go a long way. Consider adding layers, or changing the product you use. You could also change your part or embrace your natural texture if you're fighting the frizz.

update your hair

If you are not regularly washing and moisturizing your face every evening, I encourage you to do this for one month and see the results. Commit to 30 days of washing your face with a gentle cleanser made for your face and following up with a moisturizer.

Have a Nighttime Skincare Routine

How you care for your clothes is affecting their fit and appearance. Washing your clothes less will increase their longevity. Folding sweaters instead of hanging them will help them keep their shape. Check out the full guide for more clothing care tips.

Properly Care for Your Clothes

How to Care for Cashmere When You Have no Time

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