tried & tested: the best natural deodorants

Dozens tested, the four natural deodorants that truly work and why.

I've tested dozens....

Maybe TMI, but I'm a sweaty, stinky person. I've tried literally dozens of natural deodorants and share the ones that TRULY work.



A roll-on that comes in a range of scents, this natural deodorant keeps me stink-free for up to 16 hours at a time.

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Known for toothpaste bits, BITE now has stick deodorant in waste-free packaging that kept me fresh for 10 hours.

BITE Deodorant three scents to  choose from


real purity

My readers recommended this roll-on and I agree it truly works. However, it does have a citronella scent which wasn't my fave.

Real Purity  Deodorant



I personally didn't like the smell of Megababe deodorants and it didn't work as well as others, but my family loves it so I included it!

Megababe Deodorant 7 scents available

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