Ever by x apparel review

Is this the most versatile and size inclusive dress?

What is the one dress by ever by x?


The ever by X dress is a dress that fits sizes 6-24. from a sustainable woman-owned business. It can be styled in multiple ways to reduce your need to purchase more clothing. 

I loved the idea of one dress for multiple occasions! I am 5'3" and a size 14, here are the ways I styled the ever by X One Dress... 

option One:

Beach ready! I styled the ever by X dress as a cafan over my swimsuit. It's machine washable and quick-dry.

option two:

Cocktail ready! I added metallic heeled sandals and a metal belt and am ready for a night out!

option three:

Using the self-belt and a tutorial on the ever by X site, I knotted the front for a different look great for the workplace.

option four:

This sustainable fabric looks like silk and looks great styled with tall boots and a leather belt for fall or spring.

option five:

Adding a pendant and tall boots takes the caftan look from the beach to the street (or the office!)

option six:

The ever by X dress is transformed by belts; here I used a wide "obi" style belt to change the silhouette.

option seven:

Using another tutorial on the ever by X site, I created a cape effect by tying the self-belt through the slits on the side of the dress.

option eight:

Weekend ready! Layered over a long-sleeved Breton tee and adding sneakers makes it comfy for a fall or spring weekend. A belt bag makes it functional

To see more detail of how I styled the ever by X dress, to learn more about the brand, and read other customer reviews, visit Wardrobe Oxygen at the link below!