The Right Hem Length for All Pants

A simple guide for hemming  women's trousers in popular silhouettes.

These days, fashion is fluid - wear what you like. However, there are some classic guidelines if you’re wondering the best length to hem different cuts of pants.

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Classic Trousers

Straight to slightly wide or flared pants should be ½” off the floor.  This is so you don’t step on them and there’s a “break” (when the drape has  a bend near  the hem).

Wide Leg Trousers

The back of your wide leg pants should be ¼” off the floor.  This length will keep them from dragging but will give a modern, clean look.  Only a peek of your toe should be showing.

Bootcut Pants

A bootcut looks best between 1/4" - 1/2" from the floor. If you need to hem a lot from bootcuts, consider petite or a diffrent style.  Too much hemming may ruin the silhouette.

Cigarette Pants

A cigarette pant length depends on the footwear. With flats and low profile shoes, have the pant end above the ankle bone. With booties and pumps, they can graze the top of the foot.

Skinny Pants

Skinny pants should end at the top of the ankle, but if they gather or pool a bit it’s okay.  Skinny pants look good this length whether you're wearing them with heels or flats.

Straight Leg Trousers

Just above the top of the foot is a good length.  You can also go a bit longer or shorter but don't expose the ankle bone or have the pants "pool" above your shoe.

Additional Tips:

- Take the shoes you plan to wear with your pants with you to the tailor

- Ankle & straight pants work with both flats & heels; don't expect other styles to.

- Hems change with your body changes. You may need alterations after a year even if you're the same size.

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