Once I got a Peloton,  I realized I needed different activewear. The Wardrobe Oxygen Community suggested I check out Miami Fitwear.

On the Miami Fitwear website, merchandise is modeled on a variety of bodies; every style and print is available in the full size range and a variety of lengths.

While Miami Fitwear offers solids and subtle prints, the brand is known for their bold, unique, and joyful patterns.

These  bike shorts are almost a year old and after dozens of washes and wear, they look, feel and fit like new.



I had no idea I could

a pair of leggings!!

The prints are badass, the fabric is so soft and the fit is so good (even after hours of wear).


Miami Fitwear is not cheap, but we grown-ass women know that some things are worth paying for, and IMO, these are.


Whatever your personal style aesthetic, your beliefs, or your hobbies, Miami Fitwear likely has a print perfect for you.