the best puffer or quilted robes

A friend mentioned this puffer robe from Soma a while back and I was instantly obsessed. It has me thinking about puffer robes so I've decided to talk about them and why you should get one!

While I don't own that specific robe from Soma, I was gifted one from them. It's shorter and in gray, but I wore it almost every day as my house jacket. That being said, I wished it was longer and that the color was more elegant.

puffer robes are peak comfort

I have an awesome cotton summer robe from Printfresh. It's lightweight but not jersey, so it doesn't cling. It has deep pockets and the fabric is sturdy, but it isn't something I'd wear on a cold day.

Live in a warm place? Try a summer robe

This wintery season, I've been wearing a quilted robe from Printfresh. It's beautiful, but I wish it was longer (it goes to my knees) and I wish it wasn't as boxy as it's one size too large.

this wear a hat indoors season

Unlike my original Soma robe, this one is long and elegant, and has a spa-like vibe that makes me feel like Soma could hear my desires from my current one. It comes in ivory and it's stunning!

this elegant robe has it all

I know this Soma robe isn't for everyone, so I found many robes that might catch your eye if you're looking for something elegant and comfy. Check out the full list on my website!

more quilted robes for women

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