Wednesday Apr 08, 2009

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No pictures for today. Sorry, was running late today.

I am wearing the orange, brown and purple print dress from Talbots that I wore the other week, same shoes. I am wearing my 6 gold bangles from Ralph Lauren, small gold hoops from Ann Taylor and a gold necklace from J. Crew. Hair is curly today, makeup is pretty basic.

2To compensate, here is a picture of me with Little Miss E from a couple weeks ago when my mom babysat Emerson the whole day. This is when I came to pick her up that evening.

Good example of how my hair and makeup look after a long day at work and commuting on the Metro…

…and yes, another outfit combination put together by my wonderful, smart, sweet and sexy yet baby fashion-clueless husband. “Red and lavender go together… you need red to make purple, doesn't that mean they coordinate?” Ah, who cares, she's cute and comfortable (and the socks were green BTW…)

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  1. I’m convinced that my husband dresses my kids funny so that (someday) I won’t let him do it any more ;^)

  2. I have enjoyed your blog for nearly a year now, but it took the “red/lavendar” justification from your husband to compell me to post. I leave for work while my little boy and baby boy are still in pjs so I never know what they’ll be wearing. It can be pretty amusing! His combos often leave me wondering as well!

  3. Well, your baby is so cute that she could wear a paper sack and still be adorable. And I agree with Cate. Your husband’s outfits are hilarious!

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