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Lookie What I Have!

If you are a regular at Weight Watchers, you know this is a pretty big deal. For those who aren’t doing Weight Watchers, this rose-gold doo-hicky is a keychain you receive when you remove 10% of your body weight.

10% of my body from this time last year is gone. Adios. Ciao. Bye-bye. And it’s not returning.

Last night I shared my success and my leader asked me to stand up and show my new body (and my shoes). She asked if I felt better, and yep I do. It has been a very slow removal of weight, so a lot of the changes I haven’t even noticed. But I looked down at my sky-high blue suede heels and said, “I can wear heels again.”

It seems like such a superficial achievement but it means so much. A year ago, I couldn’t wear more than a 1.5” heel because they just plain HURT. I went to a podiatrist totally convinced I had a hairline fracture in my foot as a result of a traumatic delivery of Emerson. The doctor took some X-rays and said nope, foot is fine, it’s just that I pronate. Well I have pronated my entire life, I had orthotics in my shoes as a child and it’s just something I know and do. But the reason this lifelong pronation was causing me such extreme pain was because the extra body weight that was pressing down on those poor pronating feet. It made my feet larger, wider, and utterly miserable.

A year later, over 10% lighter, I can wear heels again without pain. I can walk from my house to my town center without being utterly exhausted with a pounding chest. I can put Emerson on my shoulders and dance around the house to The Dead Weather for an entire song… actually now I can do it for three songs straight. I dash down the nine flights of stairs at work (when not wearing sky-high heels) and get to the bottom and can go straight into the lobby and out the door, instead of hiding in the stairwell, gasping for breath, trying to compose myself.

And yes, there is the fashion. I can wear structured jackets again, and pencil skirts. Today I am wearing a pair of size 10 jeans and I am slowly re-building a wardrobe of heeled shoes.

I still have a ways to go, but the accomplishment of 10% feels pretty darn amazing. I want to achieve more goals so I can add charms to this keychain. I want to continue to get strong and healthy.

I missed the past two weeks of Weight Watchers meetings – one night I got stuck at work super late, the other time I went out with friends. When I don’t attend meetings I am not as good at tracking and choosing smart foods. I wasn’t expecting a loss last night – I would have been thrilled to be the same. But seeing the loss that fully and completely put me at over 10% removed was confirmation that Weight Watchers is no longer a diet for me, but a lifestyle change. That I can go two weeks with not really thinking about it and still removing a bit was awesome.

I have been pretty comfortable at this size. This is the weight and similar size I was before I got pregnant. I have built up a wardrobe of great pieces and feel as though I look as good as I feel. It would be easy to stay where I am. But I know for my body, my organs, my life I need to keep going on this journey.

And hey, I am darn-patootin’ close to getting a circle charm for my new keychain!

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