Work, then Stones!

My friend got tickets to see the Rolling Stones. If I leave work 15 minutes early, we will get to the concert on time.

This leaves me about 3 minutes to get ready. Attire for a concert – a little different than that for work.

Screw jeans on Fridays. I am wearing them today with a pair of pointy black heeled boots from Nine West. On top I am wearing a plum v-neck sweater shell and a pink stretch courdoroy slightly shrunken style blazer and a pink brooch. Hair is straight, makeup is a bit more intense, but not frightening.

Plan of Action come 4:55 PM: Switch to strapless bra, black off the shoulder dolman sleeve sweater. Big black and silver chandelier earrings I got at the beach. A bit of bacc combing and hairspray will make hair fun. Brought gray shadow and mascara to oomph up eyes, and a reapplication of gloss and I am ready to rock!

never saw the Stones in concert before… should be a good time!

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