Many people choose a “natural” deodorant because they’re looking to reduce aluminum, parabens, and other chemicals. That was one of my reasons for seeking such a deodorant; another is because I wasn’t satisfied with traditional deodorant/ antiperspirant products

I decided to do a true natural deodorant review and ordered a dozen different types of Amazon and various websites.

What did I try, and how did it work?




Real Purity

What worked for me?

This worked for three weeks, then just stopped working.

This has been the most effective, one of the most comfortable to wear, and one of the least offensive fragrances of all the natural deodorants I have tried. It worked for over a year, then also just quit working.

I found this product extremely effective.  If I was working from home and not exerting myself a lot, I could apply just once in a day.  I did have some burning, but after switching fragrances it's gone and working great.

This stuff does work.  I can stay odor-free for several hours.  However, I do not like the smell, which to me smells like citronella.

Apothokari for the win!

So for now I have a winner, but I am always interested in seeing what else is out there, especially with my natural deodorant track record.