How to deal with dry winter skin

6 must-haves



The best way to fight dry air is a humidifier. I have this one, it's easy to clean & effective & comes in a great range of colors!

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Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


Shower Filter

If you have hard or well water, a shower filter is a smart purchase. I have this one; it's easy to add with your current shower head.

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Aquasana Shower Filter



Body scrubs are expensive and can be messy; this washcloth works with your favorite body wash and is reusable.

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Salux body cloth


Gently Cleanse

This body wash has a subtle scent, suds up, but is gentle enough to use on a newborn. Use with the Salux cloth for best results.

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Bioderma  Atoderm


Amp Up Your Moisturizer

Like with your face, adding a serum before or mixed into your lotion will increase hydration.

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Nécessaire Body Serum


Hydrate from Within

Omega-3 supplements may boost skin hydration & improve the fatty acid barrier of skin, which helps maintain hydration. This is what I use.

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Thorne Research Super EPA

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