6 Style Tools You Need for Your Closet

Budget-friendly products that will make your clothes look better and more expensive!

You spent good money on your wardrobe, here are some tools that will keep your clothes looking great longer!

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1: Sweater Shaver

This $15 gadget is a sweater saver. Shave off fuzz balls without affecting the thickness or quality of your favorite knits.  Also great for sweatpants!

2: Garment Steamer

Faster and gentler than ironing, steaming is also great for getting out deodorant and other stains. Steaming also refreshes clothing with lingering odors. This one is under $20!

3: Shoe Shine Sponge

This will polish up shoes in a jiffy; it also will help with stains and scuffs on leather bags, jackets, and other accessories. For all leather colors and just $5.99

4: A Pet Brush!

A metal-toothed pet brush on dry faux fur, brushing in the direction of the grain, will revitalize faux fur that's matted from wear or washing. This one is under $12.

5: Bac-Out

A safe and natural product that removes stains and odors AND smells like lime Skittles? It's true, and I find it works better than many other stain removers on the market! Under $10:

6: Stitch Witchery

No time to get to the tailor? Hem fallen? This is the product for you. It's under $5 and with an iron it will fuse hems and connect fabric invisibly.

Great Style Requires Care

Style comes not from what you own but how you wear & care for it. I hope these tools help you as much as they do me and my wardrobe.

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