How to Look More Youthful

Tips That Don’t Include Injectables And Won’t Break the Bank

Want to look more youthful? These are things I believe will change how you look to others without changing who you are. Try one, try none, there's nothing wrong with how you look right now.

I think overly white teeth look weird as heck but as we age, our teeth will get duller and darker. Brightening and whitening your teeth will make you look a bit more youthful. Check out the methods we recommend!

Whiter Teeth

In the past decade, there has been a real trend towards glowy, dewy, hydrated skin. There are glow products you can use, but making sure you stay hydrated and eat healthy will help your skin from within.

Hydrated Skin

There are several methods for exfoliation. I recommend not immediately using chemical exfoliants if you've never used them before. Try something more gentle first. I like the Pixi Glow Tonic, which you can buy at Target.


The quickest way to look more youthful? Switch out that black or gray sweater for one in a color. A primary color, a watercolor bright, a jewel tone, an autumnal shade, a highlighter bright or an icy pastel that is clear and true.

Wear Color

Just like wrinkles, gray hair doesn't make you look old. It's the condition of your hair that makes the difference and if you're just throwing it up/back without much thought that can be making you look older than any lines on your face or silver streaks in your tresses.

your Hair care

How I Handle My Dry Skin in Winter

do you Have dry skin?

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