How to Support Legal Abortion with Style

I am all about a person's right to choose. If you share this thought and want to support organizations fighting for us, here are 5 stylish ways to do it.

This hat depicts the historic year Roe Vs. Wade was decided . $5 from the sale of every hat is donated to The National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH).



A little humor with your outrage? This shirt comes in a range of colors and sizes XS-4XL. This shirt directly supports Carafem.

This t-shirt supports Women Who Have Options, Ohio's independent abortion fund.


“Don't tread on me” but with the snakes representing a uterus…available in XS-3XL. Sales of this shirt support several organizations.


Glam up your ‘do with these barrettes from the National Network of Abortion Funds store.


What to Wear to a Protest March

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