Easy Ways to Make Earth Day Everyday

While my family isn't a group of zero waste minimalists, we have over time found more and more ways to be kind to our planet in the everyday. Some of our methods are more complex; in this story I will share 10 easy ways to make Earth Day everyday.

Anyone who has been reading Wardrobe Oxygen for a while knows this is one of my favorite ways to go green and care for your skin. Cotton rounds are softer and more absorbent than disposable and last for YEARS.

Switch to reusable cotton rounds

Little things make a big impact. While I struggle to replace my favorite toothpaste, my family and I had no trouble switching to Humankind dental floss. It's compostable and has a reusable container.

Switch your dental floss

It seems smelly and messy and complicated, especially if you don't have a yard but composting, even a small amount, can make a big impact.

Start composting

When you purchase concentrated products with less water, you reduce the fuel needed to transport them. Find ways to reduce water with beauty products, cleaning products, and drinks you regularly consume.

Use products with less water

Sponges get so gross, it's not only better for the environment but better for your health to have a reusable washable one.

Switch to reusable sponges

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Looking for more ideas?

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