How to prevent pinholes in t-shirts

And why do we get them?

Why do we get pinholes in our t-shirts?

Friction between the t-shirt and the hardware on your jeans can cause tiny pinholes in the t-shirt. Here are a few ways to prevent them.

Tuck it in

It seems simple because it is! Tucking in your shirt will protect from friction.

cover the buttons

There are companies that make silicone covers that prevent pant and jean buttons from damaging your t-shirts.

How to repair holes in Tees

Before you launder your t-shirt again, it could make the hole larger. Tap through to see how to repair your t-shirt.

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Use stitch witchery

I recommend the Ultralight version on the inside of the shirt to mend and to reinforce worn areas of tees.

hand stitch mending

YouTube has several tutorials of how to repair the hole yourself with a needle and thread; tap below for recommendations